Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Internet is for Porn

The proverbial question in my mind today, is why do attached men that have perfectly willing partners need porn?

It's something that's never really made a lot of sense to me. So, you have a partner that's ready, willing and able pretty much 24/7, so why spend your time wanking at the computer screen? Seriously... her hands must feel better than your own. No?

Porn is something that's always sort of put me off. I know plenty of men and women that appreciate it, but it's never really done it for me. I've tried watching it on various occasions, but it always makes me laugh uncontrollably. The sounds, the positions, the people, etc.; porn just feels like I'm watching a comedy gone really, really bad. Same as hearing other people have sex. Mind you, I make plenty of my own stupid moans and whimpers during sex, but some people overdo it to the extreme.

I was in a hotel room once, and at about 1:00 am, I was awoken by the sounds of "Fuck me Jimmy!" My bed, being on the opposite wall of theirs, like something out of a bad sitcom began clinking against the wall as some woman on the other side of the wall was screaming at the top of her lungs. Seriously?! I've had some amazing sex in my life, but I think screaming at the top of your lungs is just overkill. I imagine it makes your partner feel like he's doing his job, but personally, if I were a man, I think I'd prefer the soft whimper when something actually does feel good. You never hear men going on like they're being stabbed in the gut repeatedly. Seriously, if I wasn't laughing so hard, knowing what was going on in the next room, I would've thought she was being murdered.

But question is this. Why do men look at porn when they have a partner that can't keep her hands off of him? Maybe it's less pressure? Maybe it's less high maintenance? Maybe he'd rather concentrate on getting himself off and only himself? It's just a question. Anyone have the answer?