Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bump that, BEOTCH!

Courtesy of my favorite Polack. It couldnt have been said a better way.


  1. Truly a history maker here. I hope now that we can focus on the real problems facing the Country instead of just fighting over the election. I gave you an award on my blog come check it out.

  2. Congrats on your first black presidident - time for change eh !

  3. where on earth have you been and what happened to a post a week? I shoulda known better. I don't know too much about american politics, but he did seem like the best bet. IMHO, I don't know if I would've wanted either one in office. But I guess you had to choose one or the other.

  4. Now THAT'S what I'm talkin about! OK Obama; all eyes on you. he has some very very big shoes to fill. No, I dont mean Bush's shoes. I mean he's got a lot to prove. Oh, fuck, you know what I mean, right?

  5. Sweet! I have to admit, in the begining I wasn't leaning toward voting Obama, but by the end, he earned it!

  6. youve got to be kidding me.this country is going to hell now.

  7. Bones, baby! Nice night for America.

  8. My faith in my fellow man has been restored!

  9. Hey! Thats one o them terrorist fist-jabs, ainit?

    P.S. Ummm ... outta curiosity ...


    Whos yer seckon-favorit polack?

  10. I can't believe we actually elected a competent, good, inspiring President into office. Geez, what will we have to complain about now?

    well, I suppose there are still a few Republitards left in Congress to make fun of.

  11. Ron, I agree. History. I went out and bought all these newspapers and a little scrapbook, because I'd love to have a memory of that night. I can't believe the amazing amount of energy there was. As for the award, I'll be by in a few to snatch it up.

    Nicey, I have to say, in the beginning, to me, this election was about race. Throughout his campaign though, his color seemed to disappear and he became this sort of, entity. I'm not sure if that makes sense. I guess I mean, I don't look at him as our first black president. Just the first good president we've had in quite awhile.

    Lucky, I'm sorry about a post a week. It's been crazy hectic here and I know I owe some posts. OK. Lots of posts. I also agree with your opinion. I the beginning I wasnt for either candidate. They both scared me. I think Obama scared me because of the fear of change, and McCain scared me because he reminded me so much of a war mongering Bush. But in the end Obama managed to win my support and my heart.

    Alex, yeah, I do. I was saying something similar to a friend of mine the other night. Just the fact that the country has such high hopes, gives him a huge burden to carry.

    Cupcake, same here!

    Anon, um. I have nothing to say to such an ignorant comment.

    Hungry, indeed!

    Malach, do your comments ever make sense, hun?

    Sara, I wouldn't go that far, haha.

    Joey, come on. Are you kidding me? Mike Wazowski!

    Red squirrel, bite me. ;) You try going to school, working, babysitting, while trying to play Xbox and keep up a blog. Hmph.

    COlonel, americans will ALWAYS have something to complain about. From the price of gas, to the price of milk, I hear bitching ALL day long working in my little humble bakery.

  12. Glad to see that you're doing well. I too, was happy to see Obama, a man who actually has an education, become president. Some people are seriously upset over this outcome, and that just pleases me more!

  13. its cool, but are they friends or a married couple!??!

  14. I think it's cool that they did the fist bump...even though the fist bump's out. :)

  15. Well, I'd just like to put in my opinion, being the only conservative I see commenting here. I'd like to say that I am still not comfortable w/Obama. Before the nominees were chosen, I supported Romney, then McCain, but I still stand by my choice.

    I don't think Obama has the experience to be president. Sure, he was a "community organizer" and a state and national senator; but those are jobs of principle, not actual responsibility. Being a senator is not the same as being a governor or other executive. All that shows is that he's a "people person".
    Plus, while he's definitely not an 'arab', 'muslim' or 'terrorist', his association, real or fictional, with people like Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, and ACORN make me uncomfortable. I feel sort of uneasy about his integrity, with which I was confident with McCain at least. I personally view him a a shifty politician with not much of a sense of practical responsibility.

    But whatever.

  16. Also, I'd like to thumb my nose and say a few words to/about those European/Far Eastern/Middle Eastern/Canadian/Autralian/everywhere else who think that now that America has elected an black prez, that somehow we've become a less hateful America. I'd speak them here, only I think this is a G-rated blog.

    I mean, I read these stories about Americans visiting in Europe and when some people hear their accent, they spit on them and start spouting off some $#*! about how hateful and stupid america is and it bugs the hack out of me.

    FYI, while Obama may be the first BLACK prez, he is certainly not the first ethnically AFRICAN prez. Between 2-6 other presidents had african american heritage, including Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Coolidge. You don't see anyone on CNN bringing that up, do you?

    In closing, all I have to say to you stuck-up Europeans is this: "screw you."

  17. As you know, I'm a HUGE Obama Supporter.

    I couldn't be more happy with the results of this Election. President Obama is a breath of Fresh Air.


    "bump!!" back at'cha


  18. Mmmmm. Polacks and fisting. What could be better.

    What was that? Mm hmm, oh? oh dear!

    Fist bumping, sorry.

  19. How cool is that!!!

    Rock on....

  20. some things, they just last longer than you thought they would.

  21. Merry Christmas Girl!!! Hope things are going well for you.

  22. Hey Simply Curious Girl... Have a Happy New Year!!!!!

  23. lol
    i don't want to see my president bump

    anymore than i wanted to see clinton grind

  24. OH YEAH!! We fisting now.... ummm... I mean fist bumping, sorry.

  25. Where the hell are you? Hope everything's ok...glad you found me on that 'other' forum. :)

  26. i'll never know why this is blog top ten, and i won't, i'll stop reading..
    que ;-)

  27. Its been so long.
    Are you going to be blogging again?

    Hope all is well.

    `x~Abe's Heart.
    (formerly, SinfullyAnon.)

  28. Yep... I know it's been forever and I've gotten more and more emails in the past few weeks. Times are very tough for me right now. Things are very, very hard financially, and with work, school, and all the crazy hours that are coming with them. I basically get up in the morning, run around doing things all day and night, (that would be of very little interest to anyone on a blog) and then run home again and pass out. No promises, but I have been thinking of writing a few things... they just haven't materialized enough in my mind to get them typed out. Thanks for stopping by. :)


  29. I personally would love to see you posting again. Even if its just little update on the happenings of curious land like you used to do. i have to say that over time this blog made me laugh and cry. made me angry and happy and just so many other types of emotions and Im not a big feely person. but i have you in my google reader so when you do finally appear again maybe Ill be the first to comment for once. Also Ive tried emailing you and either you bounce them or the email is typed incorrectly. hope its the latter. :?(

  30. No fist pumps until the economy turns around...or until the health care gets sorted out!

    DB Dan
    Gif Blog
    Girl Gif