Friday, August 22, 2008

The City So nice, They Named it Twice!

It's been so long since I've posted... What's happening to me?

I've finally settled after my crazy move to New York, and I should be up and running (not with those tits) soon. I miss you guys!

~~Simply Curious Girl~~


  1. You little twat. I don't hear from you for days and you have time to post on your blog? Serves you right that those jugs are starting to sag.

  2. Its about bloody time! yaaaaaaaaayyyyyaaaaa!

  3. Glad to see you're not dead.

    Yet. :-)

  4. Yet? Are you planning on killing simply curious? SCG, you better watch out. There's a killer squirrel on the loose.

    I knew that if I checked in long enoough that you'd come back. I was sure that you hadn't mentioned moving but I checked over just in caase and sure enoguh no moving post or even mention of it. New york city??? This I gotta hear.

  5. And you didn't even stop by to see me on your way east.

  6. All I can picture are those boobs swinging back & forth while the lady tries to get to the social security office before closing.

  7. Welcome back to blog land, you were missed.

  8. Oh... New York is just a few hours south of us. If'n you ever want to commiserate with the Flaming Babe (my wife) in a scenario that does NOT include a guy wanting to fuck you (because my FB is my LIFE, not because you are not TOTALLY HOT) let us know. The Pioneer Valley is always here.

  9. Glad you posted! We thought something bad happened! Well, it kind of moved to NY!

    Hope all is well!

  10. Hey Baby!!
    Welcome back.
    I wrote a story that snuck your name into it while you were gone...Little Jimmy.
    I'm glad your back.
    settle in...and get back to writing:]

  11. Sorry, the name of the story is Bad Day?, not Little Jimmy.

  12. and its been so long since i visited!!! i miss you too!!!

  13. I'm drunk and blog roll surfing right now. (Is there such a thing? I'm pathetic.)
    I steal internet from my horrible neighbors and it's really been on and off the last month.
    Anyway, we have the same birthday! (If your April 29 post is correct-May 1st?)
    Fuckin' eh! (A?)

  14. Lou, sorrrrry! If it means anything, I got your books yesterday, and Im reading them!!!

    Lucky, squirrel and Alex, I never *really* go away, now do I?

    Mike, I don't remember getting an invitation!

    C.Rag, I'm glad I was born when I was. I was born into a world of plastic surgery. It's great. I never actually have to have saggy tits and long as I can afford the perky ones.

    Malach, thanks.

    Ron, thank you!!!!!!

    Lantere, you too. :P

    COlonel, you know you want me... But I'll keep that in mind. I can always use a distraction from school and the pressures of life.

    Ann, that's a good something!!!

    Daddy, it took me forever to find my name in the story, haha.

    One angry kid, that photo is really disturbing... Like, extremely.

    Angel, I know, right? I almost sent you this picture of a pider that I took, but it was so long since i'd heard from you, I figured you were pissed off at me or something...

    Michael, you mean you could actually read AND understand my blog while drunk? I can't... I can barely read and understand it, sober. Welcome. :)