Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ready or not, here I cum.

Good morning. Salutations, and all that good shit. I have to get this off of my chest while it's still somewhat fresh on my mind, because I think of blog ideas all the fucking time and I manage to either forget about them or lose the 'umph' to write about them once I get home or finally get time to sit at my computer.

Last night, I went on this bizarre cleaning kick at about 1:00am (which is WAY past my bedtime since I get up at 5:30-6:00 every morning to make sure I get to class on time). I must've been delirious or something, because I cleaned my apartment, top to bottom, inside out. I ended up collapsing about about 2:00 (which goes to show you how big my apartment is, as well as how well I clean) and I was seriously, out. I don't think I've ever melted into bed the way I did last night. This isn't what I wanted to write about. See what happens when you try to blog at 6:00am? SO, after my cleaning kick and passing out into a heavenly slumber, I had some of the most a-fucking-mazing sex dreams Ive has since I was 14. Remember pre-teen and early teen year sex dreams? The ones where you actually woke up with your hand between your legs and that nervous feeling that you were going to sit up and your mother would be walking through the door? "Maaaaaaaaaaaa!" Yeah... So I had those last night. Lots of them. Over and over and over again... I was wrenching and twisting and turning and fighting with my sheets all night long. I sleep with about 5 stuffed animals, and by the end of the evening, I only had 2 left on the bed. Even Eyyore jumped ship and I've been molesting Eeyore in my sleep since I was just a wee one. Hot, dirty, unadulterated, (and monogomous believe it or not) fun. (You would think that I'd actually cheat in a dream, but nope.)

Anyway, when I woke up this morning... no... wait... I'm getting ahead of myself here. The final dream I had was extremely vivid. Im sure if I see my neighbors or the woman upstairs, this morning, I'm gonna get some pretty strange looks... It was hot. I was tossed and slammed and flipped and poked and prodded... and, oh my... Where was I? Ah yes... In the dream, I was in a hotel with my "long distance boyfriend". (I'll be amazed if I don't get slammed by the blog of unnecesary quotation marks after this post) And you know how it is. You don't see each other for months, so when you finally do, before you can even have a decent conversation, you have to rip each other's clothes off and at least manage a quickie, or you can't even concentrate on what you're going to do during your visit. So, in the dream, we managed a quickie, that didn't end up being quite so quick, and afterwards, (still dreaming) I got up, walked to the kitchen, (in the dream it was actually my kitchen), drank down a glass of water, walked past the bed, leaned over, clad in nothing but a tee shirt, and kissed him on his sleeping forehead, and walked to the bathroom. I know that some of you're wondering what the hell I'm going on about, but be patient, I'm getting there! I pulled up my tee shirt, sat on the toilet to pee, closed my eyes, and started to fall asleep in my dream. Is that even possible? I have a feeling some of you know where this is going... I'm falling asleep and in the dream, I begin to pee. A warm, relaxing pee, that was both calming and, wait... Huh? Waiiit! Fuck!! Im awake!!! AHHH! I'm peeing!!!! I'm peeing!!! No, no, no, no, no!! I jump up, still peeing, dripping and slipping across the bedroom floor and stumbling to the bathroom, pulling off my little red boyshorts and still half alseep, manage to get them off, (almost... they were dangling from my left foot) trailing pee all over my freshly cleaned apartment floor. I sat on the toilet, dropped my now soaked panties to the floor and peeled my sock off. One wet, sloppy heap on the bathroom floor. Lovely. I shook my head and got up. Washed my hands and arms up to my elbows, walked back to my bed, and felt the sheets, and they were dry. I guess I'd managed to jump up and pee across the bedroom floor insead of on my new matress. I pulled the sheets off anway, dropped them on the floor, and hopped in the shower. I have to say... After such a long crazy night of sex, I am so, so, so tired today. I wonder how I'm going to manage to stay awake in class. I've nodded off twice during this last paragraph, and I know I'm gonna be just a little late for Physics. No more late night snacks before bed.


  1. All I have to say is pray that if you nod off during class you don't dream of peeing!! LOL...

  2. Were you drinking while you were cleaning?
    You're lucky. My dreams suck. (If I remember them- I'm usually passed out drunk.) Somebody's usually trying to kill me, or in this morning's, hurricane force winds sent a truck into my house. Hmmm.
    What would a dream analyzer say?

  3. I've had many vivid, odd dreams the last few months.

    sunspots, or something.

    Ever since I was very young I've always remembered and treasured vivid dreams. I still remember some from 8th grade, 5th grade, and before.

    But I'm odd, apparently.


    See, I told you vivid sex dream about Malach make one pee and sometime poo, you lucky

  5. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa... thats hysterical! you musta been totally exhausted!!!

  6. Ron, actually, I DID nod off during class and managed to hit my head on the desk, make a nice *BANG* noise, and jolt up just quick enough to see 96 other students looking at me. :)

    Michael, I was drinking, but strictly diet coke, which has never given me a problem before. You should see how fast my room has managed to be in exactly the same condition it was before I cleaned. It has to be some sort of record.

    Colonel, me too! Then again, normal isn't something I've been accused of begin, all too often... I still have a reoccurring nightmare from childhood where I get in an elevator and push my floor's button. Then a man is on the elevator, but no stops are made. It's one of thos dreams where you know you're dreaming and you WANT to wake up, but you can't. The guy comes closer and closer, just laughing, missing teeth and reaching for me. I usually end up waking up screaming my head off.

    Malach, ew... I guess I should be grateful that you weren't in it then.

    Angel, I'm STILL totally exausted!!! Oh, and I tried to answer the email you sent me, because I haven't laughed out loud in a very long time, but the pussy resemblance picture almost made me squirt coffee out of my nose.

  7. Thanks for the vicarious thrill, translated into a guy's dream.

  8. Hungry Mother, I had no idea you were into the whole golden shower, thing. Just goes to show that you never can tell...

  9. I have the urge to call you a nasty bitch and you poor thing at the same time. So I'll just call you a nasty poor bitch thing and we'll call it fair for now.

    Someone better not have forgotten my
    birthday. Not mention any names. S.

    ...Saying S isn't technically mentioning a name.

  10. Oh man! I miss wet dreams! That has to be the best way to wake up EVER. I havent had one in years and years but I must say, that when you have a wet dream waking up they're even better than that morning quickie you might get, so enjoy them Simply Curious Girl. Once you hit 30-35, they're going to completely stop. Sorry, how old are you?

  11. Physics? You're studying Physics?

    Explains a lot ;-P

  12. I just peed MY pants laughing!

    ~~lil spank* for you. :)


  13. I'm with lululilly - you have my deepest sympathy, you dirty, delightful girl.

  14. ahahaha! you never ever fail to make me smile SCG. are you really comin back this time. you really are missed! i can tell just by your writing alone that you sound so much better tahn your past posts. am i right? (plz say i'm right)

  15. I do miss the photo of the white panties. *slaps face*

    At least you didn't actually wet the bed. Technically, you only wet your knickers. Little red boy shorts. My oh my, *slaps face again*

    I wouldn't have a chance in hell with a girl like you. I do thank you though for sharing these little tidbits of SCG's private files. Is your mum still checking in here, or has she finally learned her lesson?

  16. simply curious girl

    I love the way it just rolls off of the tongue. Who is this long distance boyfirned?

  17. If you live long enough that will happen to you when you are wide awake....or so I have been told.

  18. I want to hear more about what the "long distance boyfriend" did with/to you in the hotel room!

  19. Looky me~! I'm answering comments, so people can stop yelling at me for not answering. I also have a post in the making which I do plan on getting out of my system sometime this week, I PROMISE!

    Lulu, you're so mean to me! Not to worry. I haven't forgotten your birthday, and I do have something in mind. You're a hard cookie to please.

    Anon, and how do you know I'm not already over 30? Didn't you see the photo in my last post of my swinging knockers? Now THOSE are knockers. Or slappers I guess... Depends on what you call the sound that they make when they bang against my knees... As for wet dreams, they truly are delectable. I cant complain, and I hope they keep on, for many years to come. No pun intended.

    Red, oh yeah? Why is that?

    Sinful, I wasn't wearing pants! So there! Glad to put a smile on your face. Careful though with the spankings. I hit back... I don't consider spankings all too friendly. Call me weird, maybe...

    Cissy, you know you love it.

    Lucky, yes. I am indeed back. I don't have as much time to think up posts as I used to and I don't have nearly as much time to actually jot them down, but I will be trying to keep up. A friend of mine once told me, that the blog world is nothing, if not fickle. You'll all leave me for the next hot piece of ass. Sniff, sniff... :(

    Alex, you might have a chance with a girl like me. Just not actually with me. My sights are set, sweetie. We should try to set you up with someone.

    Anon, hmmm. If I told you, Id have to kill you. And since I don't know who the hell you are, that's not gonna happen.

    Mike, I'm not entirely sure I know how to respond to that. I'm not entirely sure I want to, either. Heh.

    C.Rag, I was hoping once your kid reaches the pull up stage, I could just snag a few from you. Then I'll get cool ones, like with cars on them, or super heroes.

    E.A., that's another story for another early morning. Maybe soon I'll have something fresh to write about...

  20. I just found this page and I read every single post! I couldn't stop! I love this blog and I can't wait for another post!

  21. I stopped reading after you said you were cuming and didn't see any video of your orgasm.


  22. Nice one - I love my dreams especially those sort you know the ones when you wake up and are dissapointed that its ended !!

  23. Anon, welcome! I'm a terrible blogger and I don't keep up as often as I should, but feel free to pop in as often as you like. :)

    Red, prove it.

    Angryman, you should've kept checking. Yesterday I had a full length video up and no one watched it so I took it down.

    Nicey, those are the types of dreams that you run back to bed, trying to keep your eyes closed, so you don't lose the image of the dream, but no matter how hard you try, it doesn't come back... Sigh.