Friday, March 19, 2010

Only sleep

I haven't slept since I got to England. Wait, correction. I sleep, just not much. I wonder how much the body can actually take before it just crashes, honestly. I get a few hours a night here and there. To fall asleep, it's green tea and a sleeping pill (or two). About 3 or 4am, I wake up and take another sleeping pill, but usually, I'm up again by about 6:00ish. I miss sleep. I used to be able to sleep until 2:00 in the afternoon if no one bugged me, but this morning I was up about 5:00am and just couldn't get back to sleep. So, I'm up.

Apparently, I suffer from something called akathisia. Which is basically like, a restless feeling that makes it hard to sit still and stay asleep through the night. I don't want to get on any medications, since my history with doctors giving me medications hasn't been the best. So, I wait. Like I said before, I know the body needs to adjust. We all change over time, and our bodies learn to get what they need. I just wish my body would catch up with my mind because I'm going slightly insane.

This song says a LOT.


  1. Is it wrong that I get so ridiculusly excited when I see a post on our blog!?!?

    Strongs with the adjustment girl...

  2. At least you have a good reason for feeling tired. I'm always tired, but I'm sleeping my life away.

    guy okay

  3. Angel, I guess I can undrstand. My blog really used to be fun and then I just disappeared. I thank you and Glugs for always standing by me. I fully expect an invitation, by the way. Email me so I can email you my address. No idea if I have the means to go to the wedding but I still REALLY want an invite.

    Anon, I have a good reason for not sleeping do to withdrawals from all that shit. But tired... rarely do I ever feel tired. Who else takes two sleeping pills a night and a valium to stay asleep for a few hours?!?! Lucky I'm out of Xanax or I'd be taking that too. Sigh... I would love to be able to sleep my life away. Let's take a nap! You bring the pills and I'll bring the vodka.

  4. Sounds good. I will send you more offlines on Monday I guess.

    okay guy

  5. Malach, don't you ever get tired of people telling you that you're a fucking idiot? Come up with something new to say.

    Anon, one of these days I'll catch you online. I really do want to talk to you! We have a lot of catching up to do and I think we could both use each other right now. That didn't sound right, but I think you know what I meant.