Friday, February 22, 2008

Whisper it in my Ear

I'm not quite sure how to word this post, which is very rarely a problem for me. Usually my problem is having so many different ways to say something, that I struggle with which way sounds the best, or which way people will be able to relate to. So I'm going to keep this post fairly short and sweet. I only want to ask a simple question, that might not be all that simple to answer.

If you had to choose a song. One song. A song to sum up you. A song to sum up your life. Your theme song per-say. What would that song be? I'd love to hear what song and why.

Freebird, by Lynyrd Skynyrd is mine.

Wow...I think this is the shortest post I've ever written...

P.S. I know nothing about Final Fantasy, but this was one of the few decent, clear videos with a high quality version of the song.


  1. This is a great question and I LOVE music so there's no way I could narrow it down to one song!

    I'll tell you my two ALL TIME favorite songs though....

    Little Bird -- Annie Lennox
    Kings & Queens -- Aerosmith

  2. "Steer" by Missy Higgins. Fo' sho'

  3. Hmm .. blogger ate my comment. :-(

    Anyway, I said that I would go with "Good Old Boys Like Me" by Don Williams.

  4. Leighann, I like Aerosmith, and Annie Lennox. Thanks for answering! Any particular reason?

    Atlas, I looked up the lyrics. Pretty intense.

    Jay, I'm sorry about that. I hate it when that happens. Blogger eats my comments from time to time, too. It usually happens after I've typed out answers to 30 comments and forget to copy/paste them for safe keeping. When I do copy/paste, without fail, they post just fine. I've never heard of the song or artist, so I'm going to go have a listen. Thanks for answering.

  5. Freebird is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Not sure I could narrow it down to a single song for me - it depends on my mood.

    Hope you're doing ok hun. x

  6. Can't ever be just one song for me. Right now I'm leaning toward "Into the Ocean" by Blue October. Hope things are going well with you.

  7. I got a even clearer version for you.

    Me? I would have to think about it, Maybe "Fear of a Black Planet" from Public Enemy or "50 Foot Queenie", nah not really. I put something on my blog tonight.

  8. Mine would probably have to be "Jokerman" by Bob Dylan.

  9. Kitty, there are usually some songs that no matter what mood you're in, you love. I'm doing ok. Thanks for asking.

    Ron, I know it's hard to nail it down to just one song, because it took me a LOT of thinking to get Freebird. You're so sweet. Without fail, you always manage to come and see how I'm doing.

    Malach, that version was what I was avoiding. When I post music, usually, I post music that's not live. All the screaming starts to annoy me.
    What did you put on your blog? Maybe I'm missing something, but I see nothing new.

    Mike, now why doesn't that surprise me at all?

  10. beth orton-pass in time
    it's become my motto

  11. Eesh, I wanted to answer this one but am having a really tough time doing so.

    Landslide by Fleetwood Mac suits me most now I think.

  12. Btw, Freebird is definitely a song I can see being your life soundtrack. Good choice. And great idea for a post!

  13. DH, what a sad, song...I just finished listening to it, and reading the lyrics, and it seemed so sad to me. I mean, at the same time, inspirational, but still, very sad.

    Random Moments, I'm not sure what made me think up the idea, but thanks. I'm glad you like it. I *really* love that song. I've liked her voice for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I used to try to impersonate her singing voice. It was pretty hilarious.

  14. I'd have to be a compilation or mixed tape, what have you. there is no one song that comes to mind but it's a good question so I'll think about it.

  15. i really like this idea for a post. i'm going to think about it and be back here real soon to answer. thanks for giving me something to think about.

  16. i really like this idea for a post. i'm going to think about it and be back here real soon to answer. thanks for giving me something to think about.

  17. 'Don't Damn Me' by Guns 'n Roses:

    "Don't damn me
    When I speak a piece of my mind
    Cause silence isn't golden
    When I'm holding it inside"

  18. For me it would have to be Buffett's "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes".

    These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes,
    Nothing remains quite the same.
    Through all of the islands and all of the highlands,
    If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

  19. It wud be 'Dont Hold Back' by The Potbelleez. Why? Cos I never gave in to my feelings w.o. falling apart..and cos of that my life is one big Runaway.

    btw come check how FAMOUS I am ;-)


  20. I love the question. I'm going to have to look closely at my options. At the moment though, off the top of my head,

    Shape of My Heart by Sting

  21. Cyndi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun,

    everytime i hear this song i feel so upbeat, even if i'm depressed for those couple minutes I'm happy, and it's the motto of my life coz I'll always be young at heart and just a girl wanting to have fun.

  22. Brian Wilson... Barenaked Ladies!

  23. Ted, I think we're all a mixed tape, but I'd love to hear what you come up with as a single.

    Lucky, I'm looking forward to it.

    Creepy, that's um, creepy.

    Beach bum, those are some awesome lyrics. I don't think I know the song, so after I answer comments, I'll go give it a listen.

    Keshi, aw. I think lots of people can relate to that. I'll come see in a bit.

    Bridget, I dig Sting, and I dig that song. I might have to add some Sting to my playlist...Thanks for the idea, and I look forward to you giving it some thought and answering again if you come up with something different.

    Bro, we all have our pick-me-up songs. I can think of a few that always cheer me up, no matter what my mood. Sometimes a sad song does wonders for a bad mood, though. I've had sad songs really pick me up, or help me get it all out.

    Doc, you have more issues than I'd first imagined.

  24. I'm going to have to get back to you on this one. . . . I've never thought too much about it & now I'm hitting myself over the head about it.


  25. Jen, I started this idea by asking my Mom. SHe's still going nuts trying to think of an answer. Since it made her think so much, I knew it would have the same effect on other people. Come back and let me know what you come up with.

  26. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by Israel (Iz)Kamakawiwo'ole'.

    That song just takes me to my special place.

  27. well... i think i'm going to have to put some thought into this. i've never even considered the concept!

  28. The extended live version of Freebird kicks ass. If you've ever seen Elizabethtown, they do it in there - awesome.

    As for me, if I was to narrow it down to 5... music is just too tough to limit...

    1) Box of Rain - the Grateful Dead
    2) Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
    3) The Real World - Big and Rich
    4) I've Always Been Crazy - Waylon Jennings
    5) Never Ending Math Equation - Sun Kil Moon's version, but Modest Mouse's would be ok too.

  29. Ann, that's one of my Mom's favorite songs. For the longest time, she had it on EVERY SINGLE cd that she made. The first time I heard it was on the movie, 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore. It's a happy place kind of song.

    Angel, you should. I don't know what made me come up with the idea initially, but I like the results it's coming up with!

    Bumble, I swear that Box of Rain is one of mine, too. It's been my song since I was just a kid. Years ago, whenever my Mom wanted to think of me, she'd put that song on.

  30. Oh gosh ... I have another one.

    So I'll have two.

    Fix you, Coldplay

  31. Us and Them by Pink Floyd ... It sums everything up

    Us, and them
    And after all were only ordinary men.
    Me, and you.
    God only knows its noz what we would choose to do.
    Forward he cried from the rear
    And the front rank died.
    And the general sat and the lines on the map
    Moved from side to side.
    Black and blue
    And who knows which is which and who is who.
    Up and down.
    But in the end its only round and round.
    Havent you heard its a battle of words
    The poster bearer cried.
    Listen son, said the man with the gun
    Theres room for you inside.

    I mean, theyre not gunna kill ya, so if you give em a quick short,
    Sharp, shock, they wont do it again. dig it? I mean he get off
    Lightly, cos I wouldve given him a thrashing - I only hit him once!
    It was only a difference of opinion, but really...i mean good manners
    Dont cost nothing do they, eh?

    Down and out
    It cant be helped but theres a lot of it about.
    With, without.
    And wholl deny its what the fightings all about?
    Out of the way, its a busy day
    Ive got things on my mind.
    For the want of the price of tea and a slice
    The old man died.

  32. Sweets, I really like Lighthouse Family. I have a really good version of Aint no Sunshine by them that I LOVE listening to.

    Bridget, haha. I'm not all that surprised. I wouldn't be surprised if you kept thinking about this and kept thinking up new answers. My Mom has been randomly blurting out songs for two days since I asked her. Little sister, too.

    Nicey, really good one!

  33. ONE SONG? are you kidding me? I have one song a week since childhood and I am almost 35!
    I can't do this one.

  34. Jahooni, well then...what song is it, this week?

  35. one song that would sum me up? tough question...

    Rape Me by Nirvana?

  36. Let me entertain you - Robbie Williams

    This was seriously took me more than a day to come up with an answer & I'm still not sure if it's is apt though :)

    Love the topic...great idea!

  37. one song aye no i dont think not possible
    stand tall by dirty hands
    back in black by AC/dc