Saturday, October 27, 2007


I was asked last week, to blog the
Exotic Erotic Ball in SF. Now before I go into why I didn't go to the event and blog about it, let me slap myself about 6 times around the room.

OK. Now that I've abused myself for being stupid, I'll explain. After the shit happened with my friend and I was drudging around the house; pouting and breaking into frequent tears, my sister and I decided that we were going to go the Pirates of Emerson at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. So the ad for this thing, says that it's like, one of the scariest Haunted House events in America. They must've been talking about the actress. She's not that big anymore, but, anyway, this was nothing short of a joke and a waste of money. The makeup was terrible. The pirates were perverts, and the wenches were bitches. There was one in particular that rubbed me the wrong way, talking in a phony British accent and asking me why I looked so bored. She continued to talk to me, even after I made it clear she was getting on my nerves. Asking me why I paid 25$ for something that I didn't like. Obviously if I knew I wouldn't like it, I wouldn't've paid the 25$ to begin with.

All in all, the evening pretty much sucked. I did, however get to ride a few of the rides. I've never been on the rides at the Boardwalk at night, so that was pretty exciting. I made a little video, and I'll try to upload it after I write this. Quality sucks, but enjoy.

OK. So instead of blogging about how fun the Exotic Erotic ball was I give two thumbs down to the Losers of Emerson.

P.S. Thank you everyone for being concerned about how I was doing. I've been pretty fucked up for the past few days, and I'm just now starting to sober up and feel better. Sympathy sex, anyone?


  1. Consider sympathy sex offered, I'll get you a voucher made up for your birthday.

  2. I'm glad Bunny is taking care of you on that front.
    Too bad about the Haunted House- sounds like it had potential.

  3. Bunny, I think I'd just rather have you. You think I can wait until May for a voucher? :P

    Princess, it was really a joke. The best part out of the deal was spending a little bit of time with my sister. She turned 19 on Friday!

  4. I figured Mr. Rabbit would take you up on the offer for sympathy sex. LOL

  5. p.p. he's a great shoulder to cry on. :P

  6. mwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa!
    "sympathy sex"... thats a new one on me- gotta try it sometime- asking and or offering i mean!!
    i'm sorry the emerson show was disappointing, but please explain why you'd pass up the exotic erotic ball, wow!!

  7. another curious girlOctober 28, 2007 at 10:43 PM

    I hope youre okay since you havent answered any of my emails. why didnt you go to the exotic erotic on friday and the pirate thing on saturday? wasnt it for two nights? please answer my emails Im getting a little worried about you.

  8. Angel, sigh...I know. I really wanted to go to the ball. There were a few issues with transportation, and my sister wasn't allowed to go, anyway. To be honest, I don't think she'd've liked it.

    Another curious, don't worry I'm fine. My emails are all backed up and I haven't really been writing to anyone. So please, don't worry.