Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm somewhat of a wreck today. I'm fucking sick. My nose is dripping, my eyes are swollen, and I'm coughing things up that you only see on horror films. It sucks.

I chatted with Mad Libs, a little bit ago. He's growing a little more flirtatious, which is cute, but he moves very slow. He still hasn't received the little note I sent him in the mail, but maybe tomorrow. As for Snow, he doesn't seem as interested as before, but I think it has a little more to do with him having to take off of work and drive down here. I'm too sick to deal with either of them right now. Mad Libs, does on the other hand think there's a possibility of meeting when I take a trip in December to NY, so that might be promising.

I had a 3 hour session with a snot nosed brat. I do photography, and I work freelance, which some of you that read this page already know. This little girl was the type of girl you see in her photos and say,"Oh, what a darling little angel!" It's my job to make her look like that, but she was anything but an angel, and her mother was a bitch that wasn't happy with anything I took. I might add she's an only child.

There's something very twisted about a mother that lets her child dictate what should happen and when. Sort of like the modern day Veruca Salt. "I want it noooooooooow Daddy!" "Not like that!!!" She pranced around in a Burberry jumper that matched her mother's Burberry handbag, little blond curls falling in her face and she blew them out of the way with a quick breath out and a snotty look on her face. Simply disgusting. After the first hour and looking over what I'd taken, I have to admit, I wasn't that happy with them either. The little girl, I'll call her Veruca since that's what she was, was a total product of her environment and kept that nasty, mean looking smirk on her face the whole time I was trying to take her picture. I can think of a few other names for her, but I'll leave it at Veruca. She told me to shut up on more than one occasion and she also let me know I didn't know what I was doing. I smiled and told her she looked pretty while she told me I wear too much makeup and need to get my nails done.

So, Veruca was only 5, but with her little fur collared coat and Mary Jane's from Prada, you imagine her as a bitter lonely old woman with very few friends of substance. Can anyone say alimony? I bet her mother can...

Finally, we finished her session and she really did look darling in the final product. I have no children, and I have to say, in all honesty, if I had a kid like that, it would swear me against children for the rest of time.

Why do so many parents spoil their children to the point that they're so nasty at that age? There's no reason in the world a 5 year old little girl starts crying because she has a spot on her tights. When I was a little girl, I practically bathed in dirt. I was 5 and I played hard. Isn't that what 5 year olds are supposed to do?

I'm sick. I need cold meds, and Bunny, I blame you, completely.

*big sigh*


  1. How is any of it my fault? I'm not even in the same country!

  2. I have to have someone to blame or it becomes my fault.

  3. Blame the little hellspawns. Nothing's ever my fault.

  4. another curious girlOctober 17, 2007 at 7:42 PM

    how awful! I dont know how you manage to have the patience you do. I could never do your job. I dont know how you manage to make everything messed up that happens in your life sounds so funny. I think its your gift

  5. sorry you had such a shit day. hope it gets better tomorrow

  6. I want to be her when I grow up

  7. Bunny,

    I suppose it is flu season. I'll let it slide, just this once.

    Another Curious,

    It's all a part of life. I find that people underestimate themselves, often. I'm sure you can do anything you put your mind to. Sorry I haven't answered your email yet, I will this evening, I promise.


    Thanks. :)

    Miss Priss,

    With a name like yours, it sounds like you're well on your way.

  8. oh no...! i do hope you're feeling better?
    as for spoiled children, i know a couple of them myself, and i'll never understand it!

  9. Angel, I know more than a couple, and I'll never understand it either.