Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sherry Baby

Disclaimer: Those aren't the shoes in this post, they only look like them. If they were, in fact, the shoes, I'd have them. :( But they're almost identical.

Today and yesterday were pretty boring. I've been sitting at home, trying to write about a topic of substance. Since I can't seem to get one fully typed out, I'm just going to stick to my bullshit posts and rants about the various things going on in my life.

Today I wore my Sherrys. (don't laugh...yes, I named my shoes) My Sherrys are that pair of shoes that I know look good, but they smell. They're also the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and the cutest, so I absolutely refuse to throw them away. I fill them with baby powder before I put my feet in them, but they still stink once I pull my feet out. The problem is, they're slip ons, so sometimes I absentmindedly pull my feet out to play with the shoes and suddenly I'll smell my feet.

I've taken them off before in mixed company and people shout, "Good lord, what is that smell?!?!" I have to put them on in the morning and never take them off until I'm home and then I run into the bathroom and wash my feet, because even I can't stand it. My feet usually don't smell. I don't normally have this problem. Two days ago my Sherrys received another strike against them. The right shoe squeaks with every step. Some sort of air seems to be escaping from the sole when I step down. I sound like the little house cleaner from Poltergeist. I think we all have a pair of these shoes. I've tried finding another pair that are at least similar in the way they look and feel but no such luck. I've looked online and in pretty much every shoe store that I know of. I've looked in second hand stores, and gotten close, but no cigar. What's a girl to do? I should add that I named them Sherry just for the object of this post. I don't go around naming everything I own...

Anyway, enough about my Sherrys.

I haven't spoken to Snow all day. I've been a little bit preoccupied with housework, he never calls, and I'm not allowed to call him for obvious reasons, so unless I sign into Yahoo Messenger, we don't speak. I know work can be tiring, but I would think that it would be more fun to be tired out by me and not analyzing finance. I could be wrong.

My tattoo still hurts and it's been keeping me up at night for the past two nights, even with the booze and pain pills. Since it's right between my boobs, (I have large boobs) it's harder to sleep the way I'm used to. I like to curl up on my side and cross my arms in front of me. It's like a cross between the fetal position and Dracula, if you can imagine that. Unless of course I'm in bed with someone. Then I either lie on my side on their chest, or lie on my side with them poking me all night. That's a subject for another time....clearing my mind...ahem, yeah, so last night, after lying in bed for a couple of hours and reading, I managed to fall asleep on my back. I then woke up with a thud as I hit the floor while rolling over during an intense dream that I can't remember. It's always the really good, or really bad ones that escape memory, I think. The dog was quick to bark at me, then slightly cocked his head to the side wondering why I was sprawled out on my bedroom floor rubbing my head (hardwood floors) and moaning. He quickly ran up and gave me a lick before jumping onto my bed and hogging the center of the bed. For such a little thing, he sure does manage to take up a lot of room.

I guess that's it for now. I think I'm drinking tonight. Anyone up for one of my girlie cocktails?



  1. I'll take one of those cocktails.

    Shame you forgot the dream, I'd've like to hear what it was about.

  2. cocktail sounds good.

    shoes? not so much. Try baking soda and changing socks way more than is usually necessary-- like 3 pairs a day.

  3. Bunny,
    I always seem to forget the dreams that make me toss and turn or wake up in a quick breath.

    Fort Knocks,
    I think part of the problem with these shoes is, I don't wear socks with them. Baking soda..hmm...Now there's a thought.

    And, you're both welcome to drinks, anytime.

  4. I'd love one of your cocktails.
    And I LOVE the shoes in the photo.

  5. Princess, yay! It's always nice to find another chick that can drink. My shoes...let's have another drink. :(

  6. ooh i'll have a cocktail!
    and i also want shoes like the photo- they're SOOO gorgeous!!!
    i also have big boobs- in fact i think we sleep the same way, mainly coz if i sleep on my back then my cat taxi curls up on my chest and 10 pounds of black cat is not conducive to breathing...!

  7. If I sleep on my back, my boobs will suffocate me. I don't even have a cat to worry about...

  8. LOVE the shoes! LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    It sucks when they smell funny. I hate it when that happens, it keeps me from wearing them.