Monday, October 15, 2007


Time for a quiet night at home, in front of the fire, watching Heroes and sipping a fruity little girlie cocktail. Banana Malibu with ice and a lime green straw. My sister isn't old enough to drink. Shit, that makes me feel old.

Anyway, this is pretty much a post to clarify a couple of things for the women spazzing on my blog over some misconstrued bullshit that started very, very harmlessly.

I do not know the soldier that commented on my blog. It's decidedly clear, since he said "first time reader". Now, that being said, I have no intention of screaming, "Go-go Gadget Pussy!" and sending it to some random guy that said he was sorry for my loss. If I gave it up to every man that said hello,
I'd even feel sorry for me.

Now, quit with the nasty comments, and quit with the nasty emails. This blog is my place to be myself. I don't need random wives sending me shit, saying I'm after an affair with their husband when that's not my intention. This is the last of this subject that is going to get any of my attention.
If you don't like the content of my blog, or you're offended by the things I say, go the fuck away.

a little note to a soldiers girl, if you had actually read my previous posts, you would know, before jumping to conclusions, that he was not who I was writing about. Fuck off, bitch.


  1. i just want to say that ive been following the feud and i saw that neither of u did anything. it sounds to me like as many people that r saying ur just a lonely sad woman theyre twice as lonely and sad. never let anyone inhibit what u write about. if u want to write about ur life and ur affairs in life then its ur perogative.

  2. Are people incapable of posting with actual identities these days? I mean, really. Being insulted for no reason other than someone else's paranoia is so much more fun when you know who's doing it.

    Anyway moving on from that I have to say that your Gadget Pussy comment has had me giggling for about ten minutes, on and off, Sweetie's actually half-woken up a couple of times because of it. I just can't get the image out of my head.

    As to not sending it to some random guy who's said he's sorry for your loss, damn, there goes my chance.

    Oh, and my wife will definitely not be commenting. She's quite happy to be seperated by a good, long distance, and has her new husband to keep her happy.

  3. to anonymous-
    it' great that you have been following the feud and you feel that it is appropriate for her to send comments that are inappropriate to other men. no one said she had to inhibit what she writes about on her own blog- it's what she writes on others' blogs that is the problem. this man is happily married with children. as for the soldier, he is in iraq thousands of miles away from his family, to aid in the making of a situation like this worse is strictly wrong and unnecessary. you are right in saying what she chooses to do in her own life and on her own blog is completely her business and she has every right to do so, but she should not instigate a situation with the soldier. i also have been reading the entire feud and while i agree nothing truly bad occurred, you can understand how it could have been misconstrued by the wife and i don't think she is lonely and sad...just protective of her husband and her marriage. who wouldn't be? you don't know any of them so to write a comment like that is ridiculous and rude. i give credit to his wife for showing as much class as she did and not ripping at the seams with insults.

  4. Actually I think that by the sound of it she is somewhat over-protective. Generally that only happens when there's a reason, so its quite likely she's insecure about her marriage in some way.

    Maybe they should seek therapy, I can recommend a few people.

    But not having seen this supposed comment, and seeing Curious' personality, I'm guessing it was just harmless, pleasant flirting. I could be wrong but that's my guess.

    And I still find it interesting that every single one of the insults and negative comments were posted anonymously, including even yours. I wouldn't be suprised if a lot of it was just the same person trying to stir up trouble.

  5. her comment on the other blog wasnt even flirting. i think the rabbit is right. anyone who gets that upset over a random girl saying something on her husbands blog is insecure. when u put ur life on the internet and make comments open u should expect everyday people to come and leave comments. to call this woman a whore and a slut just for leaving a comment on your mans blog is just wrong. everyone is saying shes a homewrecker and she not thinking about what shes doing to his family but from what i see of this woman she didnt mean any harm and she even said sorry and no one seems to wonder what all this is going to do to her. do u care what ur doing to this woman? didnt think so.

  6. First of all, why the hell are people still talking about this? He took his blog and moved it elsewhere. Secondly, I'm annoyed by anonymous comments, even the ones that are supposedly defending me. I don't need defending. I'm a big girl, and I can stand up for myself.

    Mr. R,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I don't think I actually visualized it until you said that. Now the image is in my head. As for sending it to some random guy, you might have had a shot, but I refuse to become one of those women chasing you on your blog. It all seems a little too odd to me. If you were the one chasing, there might be another story.

    Now, that all being said, I want people to forget about this bullshit that never happened, to begin with. I'm over it, so get over it.

  7. Just to make it clear...I am the wife and I am not the one posting these comments about simply curious. I do not need to hide behind an anonymous heading because I do not feel that my husband did anything wrong. But after reading the comments from all the other people who posted, I can understand how the other readers could have misconstrued what she wrote simply because of what was posted on her blog. I am sorry that this happened, however I am not insecure in our marriage, nor do we need therapy. I was only ticked off that so many people were sending hateful comments to my husband while he is in a war zone because they thought he was doing something inappropriate. The comments in total were unnecessary. I also think it is rude and honestly hurtful that you are attacking me and my marriage when no-one even knows what they are talking about it. I am a military wife with a husband in a war zone, who is taking care of three small children on my own and I think it is unfair for you to personally attack my character when I am not even the one posting the comments.

  8. Technically most of them aren't chasing me, they're just making free offers. Of the rest of them its about half and half for who's chasing who, particularly with Miss Complicated.

    Besides, who said I'm not gonna start chasing you?

  9. Wife, I said goodbye, so go away.

    Mr. Rabbit,

    If you wanted to chase me, you'd have to hop over to the US of A.