Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm in NYC! Bittersweet Symphony...Ahhhh

This is going to be an incredibly, LONG post. So if you don't have time to sit and read it all, you're probably better off not starting it. I promise you won't be sorry if you do.

I had an incredibly hard time staring Guinness in the face at first. I don't know how I got so nervous. It felt like I was in Middle School and he was asking me to dance. We gave each other the quickest answers to every question. Where were the jokes and flirting we'd grown so accustomed to? How did we end up scaring each other like this?

I grabbed the drink menu and it fell out of my hand. As I lurched over to pick it up, my elbow hit my water glass, sending it tumbling over. I jumped up and cursed. Guinness was quick with the napkins preventing the spill from pouring into our laps. Water dripped off the table on to the floor. I was humiliated as a busboy came over to mop up the floor. I could feel my face flushed as people stared at us. I was right. We were going to ruin everything by meeting face to face.

Guinness looked up at me and smiled, making eye contact. "Let's get out of here, k? I'm not all that hungry anymore." When we walked outside, I spoke first. "I'm sorry. I'm nervous."
"Do I make you nervous?" he asked. I answered,"No" and we both smiled and began our walk to the car.

I had imagined our first meeting together so many different ways, but I never thought it would be me saying stupid shit while he wished he were somewhere else. He was much taller than I was, and I could see a small nick on the back of his neck where he must have cut himself shaving. I imagined his face being so soft to the touch, but I wasn't bold enough to touch it. Bear with me folks, I know I'm probably boring you but I want to savor every moment of the first encounter.

We ended up in Applebees and we had a couple drinks. 2 mudslides later we were much more relaxed. We were able to look at each other. We made jokes and even touched each other a few times, casually. We avoided conversation that was too deep. We stuck to things like sports, movies, and music. We had the coolest waitress that brought me an extra little bowl of cherries because my drink lacked one. I sat in my little corner sucking on cherries and giggling. I was getting a little tipsy. I took a sip of his drink and it was a lot stronger than mine was, and I began to hiccup immediately. He told me how beautiful I was and I hiccuped and smiled. My foot accidentally brushed against his under the table. I know he said things after that, but I didn't hear them. I was imagining what our hotel looked like, and exactly where I'd be pinned as he slowly worked me over. Would we be in front of the door? Would we be in the hallway near a bathroom? Would there be a mirror where I'd spot myself smiling before I closed my eyes and allowed myself to fall into him?

I don't know if he even asked me, but within an hour we were at the hotel. It was a really nice room, but there was a little too much light in it, for my taste. I looked around, my mouth dry and I ran to pee. I'd been drinking after all. I sat down on the edge of the bed, and asked him if he could bring me some water. As he handed me the water, our fingers touched. I blushed for noticing it. Behind him was a section of the wall, close to the mini fridge, that would be a great place to get pinned against. I could hear my pulse in my ears and I could feel my blood rushing through my wrists.

He pulled out a little bag and inside was a scarf that he got me for an early Christmas present. "I love it," I said. I could feel his breath on my skin, next to my left ear. "I'm glad,"he said quietly, and the scarf fell from my hands on to the floor, as his gaze weakened my grip on it. I took a step back and went to the bathroom again, sitting on the toilet, with my face in my hands, and I tried to catch my breath and compose myself. As I found my way back to Guinness, he smiled when he saw me. "Hey you," he said. "It still trips me out that you're here. It seems so unreal...just a bit." I smiled and he kissed me on my cheek. My body sort of fell into his, and my arms went around his waist, and my mouth found his neck as I blew hot air on his skin in an exhale. I heard him gasp. He looked at me and smiled with a smile that told me I could do no wrong. He was absorbing me with his eyes. Taking in ll of me. I think I felt more beautiful than I've felt in a very long time. I felt captivating. Important. We kissed. "You're a good kisser," I giggled. "So are you," he exhaled and leaned in to kiss me again.

The next time we came up for air, he asked, "Are you okay? Is this all okay?" I just nodded, unable to talk. I was panting. "You make me weak," he said, and we both smiled and started kissing again. We kissed and kissed. We kissed against the front door. We kissed in the hallway. We kissed with me pinned against the wall. We kissed with him pinned against the wall. I was ready for anything, wanted him to do everything. I wanted him to steal me and keep me in this room forever. I just wanted to let him have me.

He pulled me toward him again and moved his hand to my breast. He kissed my collarbone as he whispered words I couldn't make out into the skin of my neck. W climbed into bed. He was on top of me. Our bodies weren't used to each other.
"Ouch. You're on my hair, I said. "Sorry, he panted. He moved a little to the right. "Ow!" he yelped. "That's my arm." It continued like this for awhile. A little bit of tossing and turning, trying to make it work. We started out slower and got better at it. By the time the night rolled around, we were very, very good at it. We screamed over the sirens as the ambulances passed. We talked and kissed and had sex over and over. I had orgasms that made me blind. The arches of my feet were aching from being clenched for so long. I kept craving for more and more. All of those quick fantasies I'd been having over strangers were surfacing and he'd answer my cravings instantly with completely with complete satisfaction. He hit all of those aching spots inside of me. I just couldn't get enough.

Eventually he got enough, because he's lying here next to me, sound asleep with a slight smirk on his lips. The little tip tap of my fingers on the keyboard aren't disturbing him. I imagine tomorrow morning we'll wake up and without saying a word, we'll begin kissing, and starting the process all over agin as light creeps into the room. Our bodies will be aching from the night before, but we won't care. Morning sex is beautiful. It's quiet and hungry. Hushed and bittersweet. There will be bruises and muscle cramps. My hips will probably groan from the mere wight of him, but I won't care. I'll welcome the dim pain. I wish I could feel him on top of me for weeks.

I'm sure I'll find time t run around and read over all your blogs tomorrow night after I tire him out again. Note to Sara Sue, I asked him about taking a picture and he said he'd think about it. So that sounds promising. I'm trying to think of something creative that I can get involved in, too.

I'll be back, all.

Love and kisses from NYC!



  1. You sound so happy ... I'm so pleased. :-) x

  2. My goodness, I publish erotic stories . . this would work

  3. had me fantasising dirty bitch you :)

    Sounds very entertaining...lap it up while you can!

    Dig your block chick...shall return for more salivating stories!

  4. GASP! You had sex on the first date?!?!
    How scandalous. . . I never heard of such a thing?!

    Oh wait, is this 1952?

    never mind.

  5. Hot damn girl! Sounds like you are having one hell of a good time!


  6. Holy SHIT! I want to re-read your post, it was so hot! But, I am at work and will need to go home if I do. *snicker*

    So glad you two are eating each other alive. Save room for dessert. ;)

  7. Well there you go. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

  8. omg scg! youre my hero! i want to be you SO bad.

  9. It sounds to me like Guinness is one lucky man. I guess we don't have to worry about him living up to the nickname you gave him. It sounds like he's doing just fine. Minus his falling asleep. What's up with that? Wake his ass up! No resting until you go home. What a vivid picture you drew. I think I almost felt the ache you described.

  10. hot. hotel sex is so much more fun than regular sex at home.

  11. I'm extremely jealous. I don't know why I'm so jealous since we've never even met or spoken, but I am. He's one lucky man.

  12. My God, my computer's temperature went up 30 degrees when it read that post and its' fan blew out.

    It is now smoking a cigarette.

    I'd say "have fun!" but that seems uneccesary...

  13. Glad you're having fun. remember to floss afterwards. where ya going next? Bennigans?

  14. I love hot hotel sex! Glad you're having a good time...we miss you!!!

    Really can't wait to hear all about the rest of your trip! Did that sound weird? It wasn't meant to be! ;o)

  15. The judge from California gives this post 15 drips. I'll be printing it and taking it to bed tonight!

    I'm so glad you're having a honeymoon!! Fall in love, girl!

  16. Oh ... and about that pic ... I trust you'll come up with something to keep the old lady happy for weeks!!!

  17. Dud he notice the panties? Geeeeeeeze. Great and delicious. Perfectly put and kinda made me feel like a peeping tom!

    The water! FUCK! That sounds like a bad sitcom that I have starred in. You can't even believe it happens! Oh, but it does!

    Sounds like uphill from there.
    And, yeah...morning sex. Love it. A lot.

  18. I'm satisfied myself, from just reading your post! Yeah, it's ben that long.

    It sounds like a dream come true for you.

  19. Oh my. Wow. It suddenly got very warm in here.

    Sure hope the fun continues!

  20. I am happy as hell that your having a good time.
    Life is so much more fun and interesting when you take a chance.
    you are beautiful intelligent and sexy...
    He is one lucky man.
    Take care and live this experience to the fullest!!!

  21. My attention span didn't last, but I will look at pictures.

  22. I'm pretty sure you should be back by now, and while I'm sure you're just resting up after all that hot hotel sex, I'm honestly getting a little worried about you! Post something to let us know you're alive, will ya? ;o)

  23. Grilled Pizza, for the most part it did. :)

    Kitty, Thanks, hun! :)

    Gluggy, so was I.

    Malach, am I gonna get paid?

    Kab, first of all, what the heck is a haiwenna? Second, we all have to enjoy our lives and live them to the fullest while we have the opportunity.

    Bruce, I tried!

    S Hillbilly, do you think I regret it?

    Pre P, I definitely was when I wrote this.

    Random Moments, did you end up re-reading it at home? Bad girl!

    MIke, I can't wait to get something else posted that's on a different subject. Not that I know what subject yet, but this post has been up quite long enough.

    LUTI, If I could let you fill my shoes for a little but, I'd be more than willing to.

    Sinead, he rested a hell of a lot more than I did.

    Tequila, you're SO right. Hotel sex is the hot, dirty kind, that almost makes you feel guilty the next day. Almost.

    Lurker, aww. Don't worry. It won't turn in to anything serious. It was just a fling. Don't take that as any hope for you, though.

    Colonel, did it cool off? I suggest a healthy dose of computer Tylenol.

    Ted, floss?

    Annm it didn't sound weird, but there's not much more I really want to discuss about it. The modd did change a bit toward the end of my trip, but nothing so drastic I feel the need to blog about it.

    Sara Sue, glad you enjoyed the post, and even more glad you got the pic and liked it!

    Dyna, he did notice the panties, but they weren't really on long enough to make much of a difference. As for being clumsy...I'm a walking disaster. I'm always spilling something, bumping into something, banging my elbow, knee or head on something, or slipping or tripping on something. Sigh.

    A girl, with or without hands? How flattering!

    Phoebe, I love the name phoebe by the way. I'm beat...

    Big D, I didn't end up getting you a Harley anything, but I was thinking, if you really want something, I might be able to pick you something up in SF while I'm there this week. Want a postcard or something?

    Rosa, :) Indeed.

    C.Rag, I hardly expected you to read the whole post. You're a more visual kind of chickidee. THe only picture I have is the one Sara posted on her blog.

    Sweetass, it was for the most part. At the end, like I said above, things did change a little bit...

    Scott, thanks.

    Princess, thanks, sweets!

    Ann, I'm alive and well, and going away for another week. I feel shitty for neglecting my blog, but I have so much stuff to do! I'll try to write a short post tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of me. It's sweet.

  24.'s isiXhosa or Zulu (not sure) & basically boils down to 'oh my god'! Shock great if you had to hear how it's said!

    where's the update on what itching here for some more...

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  26. I'd love one. or even better a pic of you sitting on one in the showroom;]

  27. Sounds like you had a good time!

  28. Big Daddy, I'd consider that. Sounds pretty hot...

    Kevin, yup. I did. :)

    Angryman, there's a pic of us on Sara Sue's blog. Other than that pic, I don't think I'm posting any more.

  29. Hey girl...hoping it still rocks!

  30. forkitall i coulda sworn i commented here scg, i still copied the post over to a word document so i could read it at my leisure!!!

    i think its awesome...

  31. SCG:
    OK, OK, no more pics. But could you at least stream some video?

  32. You really are missed. When are you coming back? Please post something. Even if it's just a line to tell everyone that everything is well.

  33. another curious girlDecember 23, 2007 at 9:06 PM

    come back already!!!!!

  34. Angryman, if you're feeling ballsy, come make a video of your own.

  35. Look everyone! A real live lebian right here on my blog! :P

    It was a lot of fun. I can't wait to rinse and repeat.