Sunday, December 30, 2007

C'est la vie

I'm a harmless flirt. I guess it comes naturally, and some people are either extremely offended by me, or extremely intrigued.

I always hated reading posts where people announced their demise, or that they needed a blogging break. Maybe it's more for me that I'm writing it...I don't really know.

I'm taking a little blogging break. I might be around commenting a bit, but I probably won't be blogging much or at all for the next couple/few weeks. I don't know how long the break will last. If it even lasts, but I have my reasons.

I'd like to formally apologize if I've ever personally offended anyone by my words, or actions.

Happy New year, everyone. Looking forward to it!


  1. For what it's worth, I don't think any of us are responsible for how other people react to what we write.

    You take care of yourself ((((SC)))) xx

  2. i don't like French and i don't like you not writing....

  3. Kitty, I know, and you're right. But I am responsible for some of my own other actions. I'm still around.

    DH, French is sexy, and I'll write again, soon enough.

  4. Enjoy your time off! I'll miss your little updates. I'll still keep peeking in to see if you come back.

  5. How pathetic of me is it to say that I look forward to your blog every single day. I check it as often as I check email. Come back soon and enjoy the break. Come back refreshed and full of new stories!

  6. A girl, I'll come back. I always come back.

    Sinead, you never check your email. It takes you like 5 days to answer one.

  7. The need to break from blogging is a legitimate one whatever your specific reason is. I'll miss you.
    For the record, in the relatively short time I've been reading your blog I have found to be many things - all of them quite pleasant - but I have never found you to be offensive. Ever.

  8. Well I for one am going to miss the hell out of you. The thing about the blogging world is that it is full of fruitcakes, so if someone gets offended by something you said, you need to take it with a grain of salt.

    Remember, this is your blog. You own it and it is an extension of you, so if someone doesn't like it you need to tell them to go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut and keep on doing what it is you do best.

    Please don't go away.

  9. Sometimes I say that I'm going to stop blogging. I lie to myself, it's hard to not do the next post. Oh, well, we are just specks of dust and our blogs are just us messing around.

    You have never offended me, come on over and flirt. Hum, maybe I am a pervert. Well, whatever, at least I honor certain rules. When I can remember them. LOL

  10. If people don't like what you say or do then it is their tough luck!

    Be who you are.Don't try to be what you think others want you to be and never apologize for being you.

    No matter what you do someone will be unhappy! Screw 'em!!!!

    Happy New Year to you!

  11. I hope you are alright. Demise is a bad and spooky word!

  12. hmmmm... now i'm curious... grrr... why?? what happened????come on tell us!!! ... ok i'll back off... LOL take all the time you need!

  13. Bruce, I'm not the first person, nor am I the last person the take a little break. I'll be back writing in due time. Glad to know I've never offended you. ;)

    Mike, you won't miss me. I'll still be leaving stupid comments on your blog. It's one of the first things I check when I wake up in the morning, silly.

    bbc, your blog scares me a little, so I've withheld my flirting. I'll stop by again there soon, though.

    Pre Po,no one specifically said they didn't like what i had to say. I was sort of getting a little sucked in to acting stupid, and it's time for a little break. I know the post was scattered and a little unclear, but just know,(in my greatest governor shwartzy voice) I'll be back.

    Malach, sometimes an open apology isn't a terrible thing. You never know who in the world you can possibly offend just for being you. I like to start with a clean slate once a year.

  14. Oops scott and Sweetie, you two posted while I was answering comments.

    Scott, I think blog demise isn't quite as scary as other types. Well, maybe for me it would feel like it though. I don't plan on quitting.

    Sweetie, can't make me. :P

  15. oh man!?!? you better not be one of those people that says ill be back in a few weeks and never comes back. how sad. ill be checking in to see if you wrote again everyday./

  16. oh and one more thing. i dont think your blog could offend anyone in their right mind unless they were a nun or something.

  17. You will be sorely missed, Cupcake. Hurry back, and get the relaxation you need while you're away.

  18. You will be sorely missed, Cupcake. Hurry back, and get the relaxation you need while you're away.

  19. You will be sorely missed, Cupcake. Hurry back, and get the relaxation you need while you're away.

  20. Lucky, I'm coming back. I love writing, and I love the feedback I get from it.

    Lurker, how many fucking times did you hit publish? Slow your roll man.

  21. I don't think you've ever offended anyone with your words...your blogs are always well written and usually quite funny!

    Hope you don't stay away too long. You'll be missed!

  22. It has been said that you can't please everyone. When you're on the internet, that figure rises exponentially. With millions of people on the net, you're bound to piss somebody off for some stupid reason. Don't sweat it, shine it on. The multitude of comments that you get, 99.9% positive, should tell you you're doing a great job.

    Hurry back, and where's my damn post card? ;o)

  23. Hurry back SCG. And in answer to your question on Angel's blog, we don't mind your continuous flirting with us at all. We welcome it.

    Oh, and if anybody gives you shit about what you write, I'll sort them out, K? If they don't like what they read, then they should go somewhere else.

    I might not always comment on your posts, but I do always read them.

  24. I'm horribly offended, yes.

    However, you can make this up to me by forwarding nude pics.

    Thanks in advance.

    Happy New Year.

  25. Awwwww!!! *throwing tantrum*

    If there is anyone who is offended then they take blogging way too seriously.

    Come back soon, 'kay?

  26. AKK just as you were getting me hooked.. Well have a nice "break" and I will check back often

  27. well damn, the first time I look is a take a break post!
    Don't let them getcha down.
    I'll read the archives I reckon.

  28. happy new year. what did you do now?

  29. I hope you come back soon! Happy New Year!

  30. I understand. Enjoy your break.

  31. Happy New year!

    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life's passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!

  32. happy new year, we shouldve so made out last night at midnight

  33. Ann, it's always possible to offend people. One never knows.

    Big D, I can get it this week while I'm in SF if you email the info of where you'd like it sent and where the fuck the dealership is, I promise you'll have it next week. I have all kinds of shit to send people.

    Glugs, it's been awhile since I've seen you here. Like I said in my short but sweet post, I'm a natural flirt. It's hard for me to control unless I'm in a really shitty mood. Then all I want is angry sex. Skip the flirty shit.

    Mooooogs, you first.

    Random Moments, I've been known to take blogging a little too seriously. Or maybe just certain things that happen. Get off the floor...throwing tantrums isn't your style. You'd better be doing something useful next time you're down there.

    Lesbian chick, thank you! I am so far. Same to you!

    Random Musings, you'll be hooked again, soon enough. Not to worry.

    Southern sage, there's plenty of catching up to do if you want to get to know me. Enjoy and I'll be back soon.

    Ted, Who me? I'm a good little girl.

    Dubya, Happy New Year to you too!

    Angry man, that has to be the nicest comment I've ever seen you leave on a blog. Kidding. Maybe. I half expected you to pull out a whistle and pom poms. OK. Maybe not all that, but I think I saw your little angry man icon smile a little.

    Jen, thank you!. I will! (am!)

    Nick, very sweet! And a Happy New year to you, too!

    Tequiila, we did. I thought it was special. How could you forget so soon?

  34. Thats a shame i only just found you!
    Well ill be popping back to see if your break is over.
    Happy New Year

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  36. that was you? hot. thanks for letting me grope you. XOXO

  37. Happy New Year Curious! Take a rest/break/vacation, just don't forget to return! I'll be popping in to see if there's any updates, I'm going to miss you while you're away.

  38. if people are offended by what you rigth, they can always go extreme top right hand corner and click on the little red cross you know.. it looks something like this [X]

    I like your blog and i keep reading it ;)

    and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 YU!!

    breaks are a welcome thing.. you get 2 relax and ponder on somethings that are there in the back, squealing come out.

    So have fun!

    lov n honourly kisses

  39. You'll be missed. I hope you come back SOON!

  40. Your plate has been full, SCG. Take you time. I personally can't see where you could have been offensive, for the record, but in this life if you please everyone you are doing something wrong. You are fucking unreal. Come back to us when you are ready; I'm addicted. xoxo

  41. Everyone needs a break now and then, but come back soon. And Happy New Year!

  42. Just discovered your blog and loved it...hope you get back to blogging to soon...!

  43. Sara Sue, before you know it, Doll.

    Dyna, Well, it wasn't exactly something i wrote. It's hard to explain. This is a much needed break and it's doing me some good. xoxox

    Colonel, of course we do. Some need them more than others, from time to time.

    Priyanka, glad you enjoyed it!

  44. Come oooooooooooooooooon. its time for u to come back already!! i hope u didnt quit on us.

  45. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you are. Thought I'd pop by and just say 'hi'. Hope you're starting to feel a bit better. x

  46. sometimes a break is good... but don't stay away too long girl!
    i'll miss you...