Friday, November 2, 2007

I think Victoria has More Secrets than she lets On

After a day of shopping and lolly gagging around with my sister, we decided to head to Victoria's Secret to look for panties. I apologize if this post is boring, but I really have to take a hot minute to rant. walk into Walmart, Costco, Kmart, Target, or any other large store that sells panties and you come across like, 6 pairs of Hanes for $5.99. If you walk into another area of the store you hit the cute, tiny, frilly, pretty panties. Now let me just say this first, Hanes 'granny panties' are hardly panties at all. They pull up to just about below your bust line and they slip down all day long, no matter what size you get. The kind of panties that I like and probably every other female like are the cute ones. Especially if she's planning on having them seen, no? Cute panties cost a lot more. I have to wonder why. They cut off half of the material, the material is thinner and less durable and they add like, a couple of inches of lace. Cheap lace. They tear extremely easily, and once they get wet, forget 'em. So why do they cost 20$ a fucking pair? Bras are the same way. Well, I can hardly speak for normal women's bras because I can never find the size I want in department stores, but why are the cuter bras like $80.00? I think it's insane.

I would fully boycott Victoria's Secret and their cute little panties, but where else on earth can you find them so cute? Fredrick's of Hollywood is even more expensive, and they have about the same stuff. So my question, more for the ladies, do you spend more money on panties than groceries, or is it only me?

End rant.

Again, I'm seriously flattered that I got mentioned for awards. I'm loving the attention. Thanks to Eileen for nominating me in the blogger awards. She's been reading since day one and never misses a Send a little bit of your love over to my
bunny friend. He loves it even more than I do.

Last but not least, I'm semi-drunk so this post probably won't even be here tomorrow when I realize it probably makes no sense. But for now it sounds perfect.

Eggnog came out today! You have to love the Christmas season for that stuff. :D 'tis the season to be jolly.


  1. 1. I like this post- you're not allowed to take it down! :)

    2. Congrats on the awards!

    3. I agree with you 100% about cute panties- annoying that it costs so much for so little.

  2. oh but blog bling is SO cool! i love filling up my sidebar with compliments...
    i enjoyed this post immensely so i do hope you don't remove it- i could not agree with you more scg! i battle my backside off to find a really pretty bra that fits me properly- in south africa they assume big boobs = lots of shitty lace and wiiiiide shoulder straps! i spend a lot of money on mine because i like nice underwear and i don't have a choice then!

  3. I'm semi-sober and the post makes perfect sense to me!

  4. Go Commando!

    You'll have more money to spend on egg nog.

  5. Princess,
    1. I won't take it down because it doesn't sound as crazy or delirious as I thought it would when I woke up this morning.
    2. Thank you! (now go vote for me)
    3. I think the same goes for all the little, finer things in life. Sigh..

    Angel, good! So you can go and vote for me, At least you can find big bras with lace. The ones out here are just horrific.

    Glugster, I woke up semi-sober and it still seems to make sense to me, as well. So, I guess I'll leave it up.

    P.P., I'm actually not a big fan of going commando. When I'm home, I'm usually running around in tee shirts and undies. When I go out, I'm usually wearing skirts, and I don't think I want to pull a Brittany. Eggnog...*drool* Nummy....

  6. Back in the day - yeah, I be old - VS had bra's of titanium. They lasted forever! I spent the money for lasting over the shoulder boulder holders. Yet, they're not the same anymore. They no longer have the shelf life they once did.

    I still frequent VS, b/c they actually measure me and do find the bra that fits perfectly. Lace itches, so I don't do that. I buy flesh colored to wear under the white t's. I've learned much over the years that got me old.

    P.S. I buy their panties out of convenience as I am already there.

  7. Jen,
    I like going there to buy lotions and perfumes and powders and such. I can never go there and buy just one things though. I don't think I've ever walked into Victoria's without spending at least 50 or 60$. When they had the semi annual sale, I bought a shitload of stuff. For awhile my room looked like a store.

  8. VS being what VS is, are they supposed last more than one wearing?

  9. Nick, uh, yeah. I know I like to wear them more than once...They usually don't last more than one or two goes, though.