Thursday, November 1, 2007

Rocky Horror Halloween

For those that celebrate Halloween, or at least celebrated it growing up, you know it's a time for candy, parties, and candy. When you get a little older, it's the one holiday that you can dress like a total slut and no one will say anything.

Growing up, I loved trick-or-treating. On more than one occasion, I've kicked someone in the shins for not giving me candy. It's said that Robin Williams gives out giant candy bars at his house on Halloween, although I have no idea where he lives in San Francisco, or if it is, in fact, true.

Last night was a blast. My Mom and I decided last week, that we were going to see the
Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since I've been giving ratings lately, as to how things I've been to, were, I have to say I absolutely LOVED the show. I've never been to see it live, but I've seen the movie more than a few times. Usually when you see the movie of something first, the show is somewhat of a let down. Not so in this case. The actors were absolutely stunning. The costumes were sexy, and flashy, and made you want to just reach out and taste someone! One thing I can say about Rocky Horror Picture Show's actors and actresses, is that they completely fall into their roles. It's was fabulous, and I give them two thumbs and an ass up.

After Rocky horror, I met a friend at this Crepe place across the street. We then headed over to the boardwalk, only to find it had closed early. While we were walking on the boardwalk, it completely shut down. Lights were turned off and a heavy fog drifted in. I'm not really one to scare all that easily, but we were locked in! I could feel my heart beating a little faster and I was searching for exits, when a security guard came out of the cuts and told us we had to walk on the beach to get out. It's not a short walk...I wasn't all that amused since I was wearing 6 inch stilettos. I ended up taking them off and running free as a bird all over the beach. I was a little tipsy, which is a good thing, because I have to tell you, it was fucking freezing and I was running around in a skirt up to my ass and a thin sweater with nothing under it but a camisole. I went home shortly after that, after watching some of the most awesome costumes I've ever seen, had a drink and fell asleep watching Natural Born Killers.

OK. Last but not least, I'm blown out of the fucking water that I got blogger awards. I sometimes wonder if anyone even reads this thing. Thanks,
Angel, for thinking of me. You're a doll and I can't wait to see your new tat. So, I guess for the one Angel nominated me for, I have to choose people to nominate, too. Let me go over my emails, comments, and favorites to choose a few and I'll get back to you. Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!


  1. Cool beans!

    Congrats on your awards!

    I would have freaked too if I thought I was locked in someplace.

  2. Congratulations on your awards.

    Now, where's my treat?

  3. P.P., thanks for the congrats and it really was quite eerie. As the fog rolled it, it really gave me a Halloween scare to remember.

    Bunny, why thank you. And I thought I already gave you a treat...What else would you like?

  4. Congrats on your award!!

    I've also seen Rocky Horror Picture Show on stage and loved it. I actually think the stage shows are sometimes better than the movies.

  5. congratulations. the awards are well-earned.

  6. Glugster, I absolutely want to see the show again, live. It was a blast!

    Cathleen, thanks!

  7. another curious girlNovember 2, 2007 at 9:27 AM

    Wooooooooooohooooooooo you got some awards!!! I think i decided to start my own blog but i can't think of what to call it and i'm not really the best writer but i really like you and your blog. do you think you could help me?

  8. Well, congratulations.

    Don't sound so surprised.

  9. I nominated you for the bloggers choice awards. I hope you don't mind. I nominated you for best blog about stuff. since i'm not really sure what other category it can go in but i really love this blog anyways.

    ~another curious girl

  10. Fort knocks, I swear I was surprised. I have to say though, even after saying that getting awards and all that, means nothing, in the end it feels really good.

    Eileen, so you finally got yourself a user name at least. No blog yet? I'm really flattered that you nominated me. I mean there are maybe a million other people in the same category, but it's still a warm feelings knowing people care about some of the shit I have to say.

  11. Great! Glad you went and enjoyed the fun! RHPS is the great camp happening of all times.

  12. I can't wait for them to come again. I have every intention of getting into character next time. :P

  13. that is one of my all time favourite shows!!! i have the dvd in my collection and i watch it OFTEN!!
    as for freaking out- i would too!!!
    and you are more than welcome to the award- i'm glad you like it!