Thursday, November 8, 2007

When I think about you, I touch myself.

Part of the fun of anonymity, is the freedom to write about whatever the fuck tickles my fancy. Those that don't like what I write about don't have to read my blog. Those that do like what I write about are more than welcome to jump in, (head first), and join in the fun.

I think the first time I touched myself, I was probably only about 11 years old. I figured out what felt good from a very, very young age. I don't know if that many other girls at 11, were pushing pillows between their legs, but I know that I was. I had a best friend named, Heather for a little while and Heather and I would sort of explore each other's bodies in a non-sexual way. I remember when I first discovered my clit and ran up the block to her house asking her if she had one too. This happened often, running to Heather's house. We started wearing deodorant at the same time. Shaving under our arms at the same time, and masturbating at the same time. Neither of our mothers let us shave our legs until we were like 15, but we would time how long it took for us to cum or try and cum together on the phone. I know it sounds like we got it on, in a phone sex sort of way, but honestly it was just two girls exploring and she was never what was turning me on while we were doing it. I had a huge poster over my bed of Jordan Knight from the New Kids on the Block that did it for me...(good God, what was I thinking?)

So anyway, pretty much for as long as I can remember, I've masturbated at least 3 times a week, if not more. I graduated from pushing myself up against a pillow to fingers, to water pressure, to men. Yes, it's entirely possible to use men for the sole purpose of masturbation. Don't you think? I knew a girl that used the handle of a hairbrush. I knew another girl that used one of those travel sized deodorant bottles. I've always been fairly content with fingers, but I did own a dildo once. When I was 16 my boyfriend bought it for me so he could watch me use it. The stupid thing was terribly fucking huge, and there was no way on earth anyone was hung like that. At least not when I was 16... so his money and batteries went to waste.

From what I understand, men and boys have it much worse off than we do. Men sort of have to have it once they're aroused or they get a nice case of blue balls. (Do they actually turn blue or just hurt like they're black and blue?) So boys have to cum no matter what. If I was built anything like a man, I think I'd have to get off at least twice a day, so I really don't know how you boys handle it.

OK. So here's my question for the gallery. How old were you when you started and how often do you do it now? Do you use toys, or fingers? Do you get turned on in awkward places and just have to excuse yourself to take care of it? You can avoid the last Do you watch porn during? Look at pictures? Those two things have never done it for me. My imagination is key...

This topic sort of came about when I was having a discussion with a male friend of mine. This male friend, who shall remain nameless until I can come up with something suitable for him, said he never likes to stroke. I have never heard a man say that. Is there anyone else out there that isn't comfortable enough to handle it themselves? I'm truly curious.

Anxiously Awaiting Responses.



  1. Any man that says he doesn't jerk off is full of shit or his penis doesn't work. I don't know about other guys but I have to, at a minimum, peel one off to begin and end each day. Even if I have sex, I still pretty much have to follow routine. if not then every thought will somehow go back to women which would drive me nuts. But the urge can strike anytime, I'll be watching tv see a bra commercial or be online and see a good picture and go, woops, better take care of that. Afterwards I'm much better and can talk about boring stuff without my mind drifting.

  2. Exploring ones self is oh so nice!

    That guy who says he doesn't like wacking one off is too embarrassed to admit it or he just can't find it. LOL

  3. Or alternatively he finds it rather, well, boring. Its not that I never do, its just that it's rare because I find it more of a chore than anything pleasurable. Sure, there's the release it grants, but it really is just dull.

    I used to masturbate a lot when I was younger, and on rare occasions still do, but I just don't enjoy it enough to make it a regular thing.

  4. I think u like being called a whore. u make a point of writing posts that make u sound like the sluttiest little thing. do u like it?

  5. sorry I am only getting round here now.
    I like this post it is killer honest and rightly so
    I think that that is why female relationships are so deep, because when we're drunk with our oldest girlfriend we get to say "do you remember...."
    All girls did this kinna thing when they were kids

  6. Ted,
    I actually know of more than a handful of men that say they don't do it. For some it's for religious reasons, and for some it's something else. Not too many men that do do it are comfortable enough to admit how often or that they do it at all. I find women to be a lot more comfortable with their bodies to talk about these things.

    Indeed it is a fun task.
    I think you just painted a very vivid image of a man not being able to find it, and it wasn't all that pretty.

    I can relate to some of what you said. For a woman there are so many more interesting ways to play, so I rarely find it boring. I have on occasion lost interest in the middle and stopped, though.

    Fuck you.

    Welcome. You're right. I think a lot of young girls have been through a lot of the same things I have but not so many of them admit it, kind of like a lot of men and the things they do. I think if my friend ever came across this, she'd faint. People change over the years and are a little less prone to explore.

  7. i only started taking matters into my own hands once i got divorced, before that i didn't have any urge or need to do it myself. i'm not really into any type of DIY projects, but now i'm quite a handyman (or woman!)

  8. Anonymous, I'm hurt. You ignore my challenge to your type and yet you continue to attack little Curious? We could have had so much fun together! You insults might actually be used accurately against me, and we might have been able to work through your obvious issues about sex.

    Maybe you should go to a therapist? They might be able to help with your repression and urge to call any female a whore.

    Or you could hire an actual one into the domination/submission fetish and take your issues out on them. Of course this is all if you aren't, as I suspect you are, so terrified of women that you break down in stammering fear and run away should one speak to you.

  9. Anonymous obviously enjoys jerking off while reading this blog. It's the closest he'll ever get to a real woman, unless of course he follows Rabbit's advice.

  10. Interestingly enough I had a very good friend who insisted he never did; of course he was the one who I believe got laid the most when we were younger. Now as for myself when I was younger quite ofter. Again it could be at the slightest provocation. Nowadays I don't all that frequently, but sometimes look forward to having some time to myself. (My version of "greedy" sex I suppose. ) Here you can do anything you want to imagine and your willing fantasy partner craves it just as much as you. This is what makes porn so fabulous; the vicarious placement of yourself into the scene. Sometimes I might share the experience if I find an equally erotic partner who has the same desires at the same time but distance seperates us. And I may be an exception but it is possible to get tremendously stimulated then stop. No such thing as blue balls. (Maybe purplish/pink/reddish). The throbbing subsides quickly enough. And then actual sex later is definately enhanced.

  11. Sweet ass,
    Even during marriage or a relationship it isn't so terrible. I guess I'm just naturally needy...

    lol...little curious?

    you guys are so sweet.

    I've heard a lot that men don't do it as often as they age. Womens' sex drives increase as we age, as least according to my reading, so I think I still have a few good years of playtime.

  12. the fact of the matter is that she likes my insults.i dont hear her complaing.the only ones complaining are the ones that shes probably already fucked.captain save a ho. come on ms curious tell me how much you like being my little whore.its probably hard to talk with my cock in ur mouth though.fucking slut.

  13. Classic case of jealousy I think. You want her, so you insult her, all of course from the nice little shield of your anonymity.

    And I think she's made her opinion of you quite clear when she's condescended to speak to you.

  14. like you i started young ;-P... but a little like rabbit, i find it immensely boring when i'm on my own. i'll get myself off if i feel i absolutely have to, but i don't "linger" unless i have someone to "play" with...
    i have a collection of toys- that i'm bored with and have started adding to again- and i don't mind a little porn for a change in routine.

  15. Anon, fuck you. I don't usually respond to insults thrown at me or my character, but you obviously crave my attention and now you have it. A word to the wise; I also crave attention, but if you wanted the good kind of attention that you could've gotten back from me, you blew it big time. If you had any sense at all, you'd look at my sidebar and see that I have a number of IP trackers. That means I've contacted your ISP and complained about your abuse. If you don't believe me, I'd be more than happy to post all of your information right here. Now I'm hoping this is the last I hear from you, unless you drastically change and feel the need to get on your knees and make it up to me.

    Bunny, Thanks for the advice. Anonymity isn't an issue anymore. :)

    Angel, Like I said before, I've gotten bored and stopped before even finishing. Why do you think I use men as a tool more often than any other tools? As for porn, it just doesn't do it for me. Very few have been able to excite me with simple words, pictures, or videos. I either want the real thing, or my own imagination. The mind is indeed a very powerful tool.

  16. I grew up in a neighborhood full of guys, ugly ones too. No matter how desperate my hour, I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

    So the active imagination came in very handy...

  17. im sorry it wont happen again

  18. Curois You RULE Isay Again you RULE:
    i bet he's married and got kids

  19. Haha Nos. It's very possible. A little sad, too.

  20. anon is a bit of a dick.

    I do it quite often, but as i get older, yes, I do it less. I'm 41 and probably about 3 or 4 times a week, but it varies.

    It's amazing how I can use imagination and imagine I'm fucking someone who just wants me for a fuck, and it feels good, but then as soon as I've cum, I feel so glad I didn't play up on my wife, and that I only had a wank and don't feel so ridiculously horny anymore.

    I like doing it on the phone or net with someone at the other end doing it too (female is me preference), though on the net, how do you know the other person is really what they say they are? Ah, well, as long as they say they're female it makes it fun for me. (haven't done this since I got married, because it feels like I'd be cheating on my wife).

    mmh, all this talk about it, I'd better go and do it before my son gets home, lol. byeee.

  21. Interesting question. Yes, men are less liekly to talk about it than women. Afterall, sex toys are pretty much all about women. Vibrators and dildoes aree common topics of conversation among my female aquaintances. Few women I've ever been with have been bashful about whipping out their vibrator.
    How many times has a man ever talked to you about his pocket pussy or his vibrating sex doll? Go into a sex sho and there is a small area dedicated to male sex toys and the rest of the store is an amazing assortment of female toys.
    Why do you think that is?
    As for me. It always used to be once a day. . . at least. Now that I'm older in my 50s, it's less. . . I skip a day now and then. . . but I'm still et up with checking out the babes and my standards grow as time goes on. I figure by the time I'm 70, every woman will turn me on.
    Oh, and the "blue balls" thing is just something we tell women so that they will get us off one way or another even if they won't give us pussy. Hell, I'd walk around in pain constantly especially when I was in my 20-40s if that were true.
    Oh fuck, now I'm goiing to be thrown out of the club for telling that. . .

  22. Ah, you have to excuse me...

    I need to take matters into hand after reading all that.


  23. Blue balls is a real thing. It's caused by fluid built up in the testicles from arousal without release. Some men suffer from it, others don't.

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  28. I first touched myself when I was ten after a sex education lesson. We were told we all had a clitoris that could be nice to touch. So when I got home, my mum was at work, I took off all my clothes, lay on the floor, spread my legs and played. I knew what I liked and what I didn't and what made me want more.

    I remember one year on holiday, I felt myself getting really turned on and wet. I went to the toilets and went in a cubicle, leaning against the wall and rubbing myself for a good twenty minutes before I was satisfied.

    Now, at fourteen (still young, I know, don't judge) I know exactly what makes me feel good and turns on that pleasure button. I masturbate at least once a day. Every time I cum, its like heaven. It's something I wish I did even more of