Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Catch a Predator, or Only Tease One?

I've been sitting and racking my brain a little, for something to write about, and I've thought of a lot of great little ideas, but none that haven't been touched on by anyone else. Is it even possible to write about something or think about something that hasn't been thought of before?

I've gotten a lot of Emails since I started this blog. Some from younger girls that want a confidant or advice. Some from older women that appreciate my honesty. Some from women in my own age group that envy my honesty and blunt way of getting things off of my chest. I've gotten fun emails, strange emails, stupid emails, friendly emails, flirty emails, scary emails, curious emails, and perverted emails. All of them amuse me, and some of them, I've enjoyed immensely.

A lot of the time, when you receive emails, there is just cause to wonder if that person really is who they say they are. Because the internet is funny place. In all honesty, or dishonesty, a person can be whoever they want to be on the internet.

My little sister and I conducted a little experiment the other evening that made me almost completely lose faith in the human race, as a whole. We decided to make a few fake screen names and wander into different chat rooms and pretend to be someone we weren't. The first screen name we made was thong_girl93.

Thong girl's name was Anabelle and she was a 14 year old virgin looking for someone older to talk to. I think you would be amazed at some of the results we got. The first taker, was a 43 year old man that had a 15 year old step daughter. He continued to tell us how he would go into her dirty laundry and steal her panties. He was beyond creepy at that point but continued to get worse, asking if she'd ever seen a real cock. He then offered to turn on his webcam and show her what a real man looked like. I had no desire to see this old pervert's penis on cam, so I told him I was really 49, divorced and now weighed almost 350 lbs but that the role play thing really did it for me. He stopped answering. I guess he only likes little girls...

The next man was a 27 year old photographer, that offered to have Annabel over for lunch and take her picture. This type of man scares me more than the previous one. "It'll be like school picture day, only sexier" he told her. When Annabel said she was scared of strangers, and had never been with a 'boy' he said he was more than willing to teach her how to open up and become a woman. He offered to take it easy and he promised her that he'd be gentle and that it wouldn't hurt. After he asked if she had her period yet, and how far she wanted to go with him, and where they should meet, we asked if he'd ever watched Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator, and he stopped answering us.

The next Screen name we made was hotsofia76milf. I think it's obvious who she was supposed to be. Sofia was a 31 year old single mother, that had only ever been with one man. She eloped with him when she was 17, and they were recently divorced because her husband slept with their housekeeper, Lupe. (can you get more cliche?) She had 2 children, and they were nicely tucked away in bed, so she decided to check out Yahoo chat for the first time! Yay Sofia! The men that contacted her were just as perverted. The first thing any man in chat types, is a/s/l? When you say 31/f/cali, most of them stop answering. The few that do answer, and keep talking to you, do not speak fucking English! "Hay babes, u wana sho me u pusi on cam? u got cam? u lick 2 fuk me? taking to me durtee babi. cum oooooon." I occasionally asked if they were American and a few of them were! "ya i wuz bron in kintuky." When I asked if they had graduated High school, they said yes. It's way too easy to get a diploma, these days if that's the case. Of course there was the occasional man that thought she sounded absolutely perfect. Like Girish, that one man from India that asked her to marry him and help him start a business in Los Angeles, because that's what his brother did. When she inquired what would happen to her children if she did this, he was quick to tell her that "they didn't have to know". What the fuck is that supposed to mean, anyway?

You all and I know, very well, that a lot of people aren't who they say they are, online. It's hard to find, honest, good natured people to talk to.

Last but not least, I went in as myself. Sorry, not posting my Yahoo Screen name here, because then I'll just open myself up too all kinds of harassment. Most of the people that sent me messages, in their first line, said, "Pic? Cam?" When I would say no, they'd be gone. I'm not comfortable sending my picture to people online that I don't know. I have, on occasion, sent a picture or turned on my webcam, and people are utterly fucking amazed that I look exactly how I've described myself. I'm no supermodel, but I don't lie about my appearance. My question though, is this. If you don't believe that the person is who they say they are to begin with, why on earth do you keep on talking to them?

People are quick to ask to meet. People are quick to call you a fucking bitch, cunt, slut, whore, tramp, and many other things if you turn them down. The one conversation that sticks out the most in my mind over the course of our experiment was this guy that seemed really nice. I was almost ready to tell him, sorry, and that this was all an experiment. He was a 24 year old man, from California. We discussed what we each did for a living, and he had been married once for a short period of time and divorced with no children. He sent me his photo, and he wasn't the most amazing looking man, but not ugly either. He had dreams and ambitions, and he was really the sweetest talking man I'd spoken to during the experiment. Then he dropped the bomb.

Him: So, S. Do you wanna meet?

Me: I'm sorry. I don't meet people from chat.

Him: Why not?

Me: Because I've had bad experiences and I prefer not to rush into casual meetings.

Him: Not all men are like the guy you met. Let me prove to you that not all men are animals.

Me: I'm sorry. It just won't work. I don't do that.

Him: Are you sure? I'm really a good guy. I promise not to disappoint you. ;)

Me: Yeah. I'm sure. I prefer to get to know a little bit more about people before jumping in like that.

Him: You mean I spent all this time talking to you and you're not gonna meet me?

Me: No. Sorry. But we can chat if you want. (I still had faith this guy was somewhat sane and not a complete asshole)

Him: Fuck you then, bitch.

Me: Thank you for reminding me why I don't meet men from the internet.

Him: Fuck you. Suck my cock.

*click* He was gone.

The point of this post wasn't really going to be about that but it got a little out of hand there for a minute. My post really wanted to focus on the Emails I get that proposition me. Listen boys, girls, men, women. I enjoy the occasional Email saying you liked something I said but you were too shy to comment. I enjoy the occasional Email telling me to keep doing what I'm doing because I inspire you. I even like the occasional Email telling me I must be fucking hot, and you wish I was typing my next post while I was sitting on your lap. Innocent flirting is fun, and I'm good at it; but let me tell you this: I do not appreciate being propositioned. Maybe I do have a tendency to be promiscuous, but sending me pickup lines like, "Yeah baby, I could fuck you better than that asshole" or "Let me call you and talk dirty to you, make you cum" just doesn't do it for me. I'm not a phone sex operator. I don't care if you have an 8" penis. I'm not a whore. I'm not a call girl. I'm not an escort and I'm definitely not going to go for a guy that can't fucking spell Kentucky!!!!!

Any man that can't intellectually stimulate me, has no business trying to stimulate me at all.

Going to have another glass of wine. Since I'm a little out of it, this post might me a little bit long, and a lot incoherent. I apologize...lol.



  1. Ah, the joys of the internet.

    Still, some places are better than Yahoo chat at least.

  2. good one girl!

    all your incoherent babbling made plenty of sense!!

  3. I hope you didn't completely loose faith because of a few pigs out there. I can guarantee you they are in the minority.

    Then again, I don't really do the online chat thing so how would I know.

  4. WOW! That is extremely disturbing stuff! The pedophile guys should all be in jail, and the guys who are saying all that crap to the 18+ women are just assholes! And the people who lie about themselves are scary, too!

    I stay away from chat unless they are people I know, or if they are in my cancer support group.

  5. By the way, after reading this post I have decided to wait a while before I send you the carefully constructed marriage proposal that I've been working on.

    I'll first attempt to prove to you that I can indeed spell Kentucky - LOL!!!

  6. S, as usual, I have a few comments:
    1. very disturbing that such obvious pedophiles are in chat rooms. This is why my 9-yr-old doesn't get on the net without me close by.

    2. Men, by their very nature are perverts. Don't hold that against them. The fact that some are tactless and rude is what I hold against them.

    3. Intellectual stimulation is KING. I agree with you 100%, if he doesn't have a brain in his head with some interesting (and coherent) thoughts, he may as well be dead.

    Sorry, I can't seem to keep my comments short, lately!

  7. You're on the money with this post.
    The net is a place where lots of people have access to whatever you put on here. Try this - look at a blogger's profile, and click on one of the highlighted items, say the location, or one of their interests.
    You will get a link to every other blogger who lists the same interest, or lives in the same place. If you then go to the address bar at the top and change the words of the search parameter (for example, if they lived in Richmond, where the word "richmond" appears in the address bar, alter this word only) to another word you want to search for, let's say "tits", or some other possible sexual word, and you get a link to everyone who lists this on their profile.
    I suggested to my wife she remove a pic of our son from her blog (she did), because of the possibility of weirdos trawling the net looking at it.
    Thanks for the post, you have also inspired be for another one.

  8. K.A.N.T.U.C.K.I.E?

    I have a chat room in my head.

  9. i can beleive it. its crazy how sick the world is these days. i'm sure that the internet just feeds these peoples sicknesses. was my emails one of the ones that bothered you? lol

  10. What ever happened with Scooter?

  11. There are some screwed up people out there that we have to protect ourselves from.

    That's for damn sure!

  12. Fuck. I answered all of the comments and it didn't post, and I didn't save what I wrote. Since I had a really long day, I'll answer them a little later this evening. I'm sorry, all. Trust me, it really pissed me off.

  13. Wow- looks like you've really "arrived" if you're getting propositioned etc via your blog. Sounds both entertaining and scary...

  14. yeah, it did that to me, it's a pain in the ass.

  15. Since blogger erased my last attempt at answering comments, let me give this another shot.

    Bunny, like where? Here? ;)

    Sweet Ass, After I looked over it the next morning, I was actually pretty impressed it came out as nicely as it did. :P

    Glug, I lose faith from time to time, but regain it quickly. I'm such a sucker...

    Scott, the internet is a play groud for role play. It just amazes me how sick some of them really are.

    Glug, Not fair. Blogger has spell check!

    Ann, I think everyone even older people shouldn't have such free reign. It's beyond scary what some people say and do.

    Perverts can be fun, as long as it's in a semi-normal way of being perverted. Assholes, well, they're a dime a dozen...

    I've tried to be in relationships with people that weren't all that intelligent. After a short time, I ended up dumbing myself down to talk to them and have normal conversations. I hate hearing, "Huh?" too often.

    Tex, I've done the blogger search thing too. But of course, blogger is loaded with porn. When I first started blogging, I looked for other people that I might share interests with. I kept hitting next to find bloggers I might like to read. Every other, next, was some porn blog. Really annoying...

    Ted, why does that not surprise me?

    Hannah, your emails never bother me. But sometimes, I'm not in the mood to answer notes, or I forget I have them and lose them in a sea of emails. Don't worry, hun. When I get annoyed, I won't be shy to tell you.

    Anon, What does that have to do with this post?

    P.P., but who will protect them from us? :P

    Princess, I love getting little notes from people. It's flattering, and entertaining.

    Tex, before I hit post comment, I'm copying this and saving it. It's a lot of fucking typing to just lose like that!

  16. long- maybe, incoherent- no!
    bucking frilliant!

  17. So, does that mean your answer is "No"?

    You are not going to marry me then?

    But I is gud hasbind.
    I works evry day to give hard to u nitetyme.

    Damn! Thinking like that makes my brain hurt.

    Next time someone ask asl, you reply, "No, ADSL."
    And give them the link http://www.google.co.za/search?q=define+ADSL

    Oh, and since you don't do cam, I will just show you my giant cock.


    (According to my Milf, I am her little pervert. So, there! Whe!)

  18. Eee... You could change http://www.google.co.za/search?q=define+ADSL to http://www.google.com/search?q=define+ADSL if you want to.

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