Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm Good Enough. I'm Smart Enough. And Gosh Darn it, People Like Me!

I haven't always been a person comfortable in my own skin. There. I said it.

I say that now, a little older, and a little wiser. It's always been with me, that my ass was too big, or my tummy could stand to lose a little. We all have our flaws. We really do. I can live with my flaws. It's taken me a long time to be able to say those words. Its only when other people can't accept our flaws that makes us feel like there's something wrong with us. Society tells us how much we should weigh, or what's appropriate. Last week,
Bunny touched on this subject on his blog, but I'm so annoyed right now, I just have to vent. This really is getting to be a habit.

I'm sitting here writing this post, because I had a conversation with someone this evening that offended me to a point I haven't been since I was in fucking grade school. I'm a little hurt and a little offended. It's not often I add people to write about, but I have a feeling he'll come back up at a later date, so we'll call him Scooter. Scooter and I had an amazing chat. Yeah. That's it. A chat. Now, I have on occasion, been smitten, only by the words of a person. It's easy for me to become attracted to a person by their words alone. I love intellectual stimulation and this evening he provided it. It didn't take long for the conversation to stem into this man pissing me off and offending me. I held my tongue the first time. I held my tongue the second time. The last straw was when he made me feel inferior, due to the fact that I have tattoos. According to Scooter, men like him, consider women with tattoos to be fuck buddies and not marriage material. These weren't his exact words, but even when voiced using large, precocious, words, it meant exactly the same thing. Whatever made this man think I would marry someone as uptight as him, and as closed minded, I have no idea.

So I'm fuming. I'm pissed off. I'm hurt and offended. By? Some fucking guy I met once on the stupid internet.

I've decided to give up my Yahoo Messenger for awhile. There's no reason in the world that this should upset me like this. When things like this to upset me to this extent, I think it's time for a break. Anyone that contacts me via Yahoo messenger can call me. If you don't have my number, I probably didn't like you enough to give it to you, so fuck off.

Fuming, I tell you. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! It's his loss.

It isn't that I don't like sweet disorder,
but it has to be judiciously arranged.



  1. His loss indeed, what a bloody muppet.

  2. I hate these righteous, judgemental idiots. Sounds like my brother.

    And by the way, you sound to me like perfect marriage material!

  3. Oh, and if you're not quite comfortable in your body I'm quite happy to see how it would fit me.

  4. Bunny,
    Mucking fuppets...

    My problem is that I seem to be initially attracted to those kinds of men. They're always such a disappointment in the long run.

    Sweet ass,
    :P Let's tie him up and, wait, no. He might enjoy that.

    Mr Rabbit! Are you flirting with me?!?

  5. its because girls like you are whores. one day youre going to wake up and see i was right and commit suicide.

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  8. You know, just because you keep calling her a whore doesn't mean she'll sleep with you for money, desperate though you may be. Incidentally a whore is someone who will have sex for money, someone who does it for free, if you're trying to be insulting, is either a slut, tart, or similar.

    In your case since the problem seems to be that she won't sleep with you the word you're looking for is tease.

  9. Anon,
    Fuck you.

    That has to be the nicest thing anyone has done for me in awhile. I think you kindly. :P

  10. Bunny is my new hero.

    I've found that with guys a lot when they find out I have a tattoo. Turns them right off, act like it makes me a whore or something (like ignorant Mr. Anon).
    It's bloody bizarre.

  11. A slut is a girl who will have sex with anyone. A bitch is girl who will have sex with anyone but me.

    First: what a fucking idiot. That's the kind of thing you say to someone after you seal the deal. Like, "wow, that was great sex! Too bad I'll never marry you becuse you have tattoos. See ya."

    Second:When I pick up my kid from pre-school there are a few mom's that have tattoos. Every now and then I'm lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a little tramp stamp action. I have to say, I get aroused.

    Third: my band plays, "What's left of the flag."

    fourth: I like your stuff, I'm adding you to my blogroll which will ensure you at least one more hit a day.

  12. Princess,
    Mine too! Usually once a guy has met with and been with me, they're not as repulsed by the fact I have tattoos, because I already have them whipped. I try to make a point of getting all of myself out there before I get involved with anyone. I don't appreciate harsh rejections after I already have feelings well, and I have trouble coping, I think. So I put myself out there and tell them that this is me and how and how I am. Their choice whether or not to take it or leave it.

    First: You have a good point, although I'm starting to have a feeling this person is very much a woman, and very much a hard up jealous woman. Too many people want to be able to try things and do things, and spite people that have the ability to let loose and taste life.

    Second: Moms with tattoos are pretty cool. My Mom has tattoos. In fact, we've gone together to get them before. Aroused by tattoos. now that's what I'm talking about!

    Third: Flogging Molly is awesome. I'd love to hear some clips of the things your band plays.

    And fourth: I'd add you to mine if I could figure out how the fuck to make one. Thanks for the add!

  13. the only thing I have from my band so far is a little youtube thing I did of a few of the band members doing the song spancil hill. you can see it here.

  14. I have many tattoos and I've been happily married for 10 years. Come to think of it, my hubby paid for two of them!

    I hate closed-minded fucks like Scooter. Tattoos only mean something to the person who has them.

    If someone tells me they don't like a tat of mine, I tell them (with a smile), "Well, it's a good thing I got it for me, and not you!"

  15. Ted,
    I enjoy your stuff. You should have more online. I'd love to hear more.

    It's usually guys with tattoos that like that tattoos. I have to say though, for every guy that rejects me for them, there are 100 that love me for them.

  16. what an absolute wanker!
    i love your tattoos, and i love mine- and yes i have met one or two guys who didn't like mine- but they're few and far between and there wasn't usually much interest anywhere.
    being "marriage material" has fuck all to do with ink!!!

  17. Angel, you have to be the sweetest thing on this blog! I love your tattoos, too, and I wouldn't give mine up for any guy.

  18. I think you like Scooter, and Scooter quite possibly likes you.