Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cause I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane, I don't know when I'll be back again

OK. Couple of things to mention, here.

First off, I've made plans to go on a little trip. These plans have been somewhat iffy up until now, and I'm heading to New York for a nice little escape from my life. Not like I really have one to escape from, but you get the idea. I'll be flying out on December 9th, red eye, and arriving in New York City, at like 5:30am on December 10th. I'm one of the few people that actually likes flying the red eye flights. I pop a sleeping pill about 30 minutes before I board and by the time I get on the flight, I'm fading fast. I usually arrange a car service to pick me up when I get there, and it's waiting by the time I land. So no waiting in those NYC taxi lines in freezing weather, and to be frank, car services in NY cost a hell of a lot less than taxis because they flat rate you, not time you. I dislike the cold. I dislike the cold very much; which makes me wonder why I'm going to NY in December, at all, but we'll get to that after in a minute.

Everything is arranged, minus when I'm coming back. What I love about Jet Blue is that their prices don't really change unless you're traveling a day in advance. So when I get there, I'll decide when I want to come back. I do want to be back by Christmas to spend time with the family, and my remaining Grandparents. Something tells me I might not get too many more Christmases with them.

Now for the why. And I'm going to ask people to be nice, even though for some of you, I know it's extremely hard...(no pun intended) I'll be meeting a person I met through this blog. That's all I'm going to say for now. I have every intention of spending vast amounts of time with him, and tiring him out to a point that he'll never forget the visit from Miss Curious. I'm going to name him Guinness, because it looks good, tastes good and always leaves me thirsty for more. I'll have my own hotel room, and don't worry about me. I'm smarter than I look. Well, not that many of you have actually seen what I look like. Although if you look hard enough various body parts have been spread throughout my blog and some of them are indeed mine. Have fun trying to figure out which ones. *wink*

Second thing I wanted to write about has completely slipped my mind, so I'm going to wait until my head clears and try again, tomorrow.



P.S. If any real writers actually read my blog, which I highly doubt...Whose dick do I have to suck to get my shows back on TV? Quit it with this strike shit already. I'm truly upset that Grey's Anatomy was a rerun, tonight.


  1. Zee Big Apple, what a crackpot city! Have fun, keep the blog alive, I'm just getting into it. Guiness does look good indeed.

  2. How can I be one of the lucky ones to get a picture? I'd bet anything you're way too hard on yourself and you're a hottie. Are you going to write while you're there?

  3. How can I be one of the lucky ones to get a picture? I'd bet anything you're way too hard on yourself and you're a hottie. Are you going to write while you're there?

  4. Sorry. I didn't mean to post my comment twice and it won't let me delete one since I can't sign in. Delete one if you want.

  5. If you need a chaperon I'd be happy to tag along. I'd LOVE to go to NYC, haven't been there since 2001.

    Now we all know you're an intelligent woman, but please be careful and safe. I don't want to sound like your mother here, but in this day and age, you always hear these stories of girls missing, yadda, yadda, yadda. Please make a contact person who will send the authorities if they don't hear from you at such and such a time.

    That being said, have fun! NYC is so beautiful this time of year. And the shopping, oh, I could go crazy. Not to mention the men, yikes!

  6. NYC...i'm totally jealous! enjoy your guiness girl...!!

  7. Have an extra pint for me.

    Hope you have a good time in New York.


  8. My dick, you have to suck my dick. Let's work on setting that up.

  9. S - I hope you're careful. I too, enjoy flying the red-eye, but for different reasons. My daughter is 9, and since she was an infant, we have been flying the red eye back to Boston each year to visit family. I wear her out the day we fly, and she sleeps wonderfully on the plane. Then we wake up in Boston, and it's off to Dunkin' Donuts!

    And regarding the writer's strike...I feel the same way: CSI was a rerun last night, too! Although I'd be careful about offering to suck dick, as you can see from angryman's comment: you'll get a lot of jackass takers with no results! LOL

  10. sometimes you dont need to suck dick to get backstage... sometimes a handy J will suffice.

    have a good trip!

  11. Wow, I didn't even know what the post was about, but I swear I got a little bit aroused when I saw the Guinness. But I can't help it, I'm Irish. oh yeah, and alcoholic.

    Be good in New York; don't selfishly deprive us of your posts by getting your head cut off in some kinky S&M gone wrong.

  12. Living Bridget, I intend to have plenty of fun. The blog will live. Don't worry.

    Lurker, you're beginning to get a little creepy. Well wit hthe name lurker, you've always been a little creepy...but these comments took the cake. No. I won't send you pictures of me.

    Rosa, don't worry. I'd never go anywhere without knowing that someone knew where I am. Thanks for worrying.

    Elise, will do. ;)

    Angry man, nice try. I might be gullible but I'm not THAT gullible.

    Ann, I watch CSI on demand, so I'm not quite as disappointed when it's a rerun. Angry man is an angry dirty man. I imagine I'll have a few more of my blog readers lined up with typewrites saying they'll fix my dilemma.

    Tequila, thanks for the advice. :D

    Fort K, I'm not into all that bondage shit. Though I do enjoy the occasional spanking or hair pulling, it has to be in the heat of the moment. I think a few of my readers, are Irish. I think we tend to attract each other.

  13. I LOVE new york! I had one of my hottest sexual experiences there. It was with this Armenian taxi driver with a raspy voice, and a hard edged demeanor. He was rough, but I loved every minute of him cramming his filthy meatstick in my ass!

    Thanks for playing along with my heterosexual flirtation. Sometimes I need to role play like that so I feel masculine.


  14. You go have yourself a rocking time! If anybody deserves it, its you.

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  16. Wannabe Hillbilly, Did it hurt? Did you make little hearts on the steamy glass when you were done? Did he pay you?

    Glugster, It's only because you didn't invite me to come on your trip. Meanie.

  17. SCG, Sorry about the above cyber stalker. Some people and their fantasies. . . . some sort of Old McDonald/barnyard fetish I suspect.

    Have a great time in NYC. Unfortunately it's blue-ass cold up there this time of year. The wind in those concrete canyons is what gets ya. I think of a long wool coat with a high collar when I think of walking in NYC during the winter.

    Of course I have to add: Be careful.

  18. I was waiting for the confirmation for the plane tickets. Didn't want to give you a reason to back out!

    BTW - Have you noticed how your Llama is slowly but surely making it's way around the world?

  19. S Hillbilly, I'm not even annoyed by him. I enjoy weird people. Today my packing starts and I hear it's supposed to snow in NY this weekend, so I'm packing warm. Tights, pants, scarves, gloves and cute hats. I love winter accessories.

    Glugster, I got no plane confirmation. Bad boy. And yes! I've noticed. It's pretty cool. :D

  20. Please be safe. I know there are a lot of strange people out there, and you never really know someone until you meet them. Guinness. What a great nickname. I can't wait to hear if he lives up to it or not.

  21. I think you just described Guinness to a "T". Perfect.

    Have fun! I heart New York, to visit at least, never lived there myself. But it's a fantastic city - so much to do. Be safe.

  22. How brave and adventurous! Hope it turns out to be everything you want it to. And you better be careful cuz you know we expect the scoop at your return. *wink*

  23. YOU COULD NOT PAY ME ENOUGH TO GO BACK EAST IN DECEMBER!!! I moved to az to get away from that shit. However that being said, Have a blast. live every minute of it and remember in the end, all we are is our experiences. so grab as many as you can. oh and grab me a postcard from the local harley dealer lol

  24. I promise I'm not really creepy in the real world. I'm just smitten. What would one have to do to get to know the "real you"

  25. New York in December is fabulous. The people and the lights and the grey skies with snow, just a lot of fun, but remember to bundle up. My wife and I take the train down to spend Xmas with her aunt and uncle in Manhattan whenever we can. It's a blast.

  26. another curious girlNovember 30, 2007 at 3:00 PM

    are you really going to meet some stranger? you have balls of steel girl.

  27. Well if you have to go to New York, December is the time to go. Have a great time and as a few others have advised, please be careful.

  28. Oh sister girfriend! Sounds like you have a hot time planned.

    Be extra careful and make sure you let us know all the juicy details when you get back!

    Guinness is in for a treat!

  29. Now this was a fun blog to read. I think you'll have a really great time, can't wait to get all the details. Interestingly enough I got home from work a short time ago and relaxed with a nice cold Guiness. It's amazing when you pour it right down the middle in a mug how long the thick head lasts. Your blogs are always so much fun; you must be fun to be with.

  30. Have a great time in NY. It's a great time to be there.

    I'm pretty tired of the whole strike thing too. At least the Broadway strike is over and you can catch a show while you're there.

  31. Sinead, I'll be safe. You and me both hope he can live up to it. :P

    Jen, I lived there for a hot minute for school and then came back to good old Cali. It's a great place.

    Random, and you know you'll get it. lol

    Big Daddy, if I go over that way, you have my word that I'll get you a postcard.

    Lurker, be normal.

    Colonel, Don't worry. I'll have someone to keep me warm. I'm hoping for snow. Since I don't drive, I don't have to worry about mud and slushy shit.

    Another C, No balls here, sweets.

    Mike, NY is December is the most beautiful place to be. Nothing beats it. And I'll be careful. Gosh...

    Pre P, I have plans that I haven't even mentioned You guys are gonna get details. Not to worry.

    Dave, wouldn't you like to know? :P Mmmmm...Guinness. And thanks for the compliments! Flattery gets you everywhere.

    Bruce, at least you didn't ask me to get on my knees to fix I'm considering a Broadway show. I've been before, but maybe I can convince Guinness to take me. Now there's an idea...

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. What a lucky feller! Have fun!

  34. NYC? that's my city, It will probably be 55 degrees when you get there but you ever know, bring all of your cute hats. Dave Z poured his guinness in a mug...a mug? amature. Some other dude asked for a harley postcard? wtf? Yeah, I'm going to the greatest place on earth, I'll be sure to stop by a fucking harley dealership. Alright enough bashing your knucklehead fan base. Let me know if you need cool bars to go to. and unlike everyone else, I will say, don't be safe. safety is for pussies and you ain't no pussy. slainte'

  35. Scott, will do. ;)

    Ted, I might hit you up on that offer. I plan on having a blast while I'm there. Be nice to my readers! Wait, I forgot who I'm talking to. Never mind. Come on baby, safety? Slainte!

    S Hillbilly, is that the real you? The other you is really starting to get on my fucking nerves. He's like...everywhere.

  36. sorry I dissed your buddies, You don't get nicknamed "pompous asshole" in college for nothing. I'm getting sick of reading lame shit though. I think I might get out of this blogging racket.

  37. You're not allowed to quit. Because you make me laugh, and so few people seem to be able to do that anymore. Take a trip. It does wonders for the complexion.

  38. complexion? my skin is clear. But I hear you on the laughter thing. If I see one more asshole write something lame and then write lol after it, telling me it's supposed to be funny, I'll pull a jay and Silent Bob strike back and hunt them down and beat them senseless on their own front porch in front of their families.

  39. you can take their wallets when I'm done

  40. Do I get to keep what's in them or do I have to share?

  41. Yea, that was me. I also agree with Ted about getting out of this blog bs. Too many creeps and losers who think they're writers or something but are nothing but lame-ass posers. . . you and Ted excluded of course.

  42. 1. Good luck with the trip- I hope it goes well.

    2. I agree about Grey's- I really want to know if Seth Green lives or dies!

    3. I left you an award on my blog!

  43. for i'm so jealous scg...
    i do hope we're going to hear a little something about it when you get back?

  44. S Hillbilly, WTF? There are very few people that amuse me online. I'll shoot you dead all the way from California if you quit. Same goes for Ted.


    1) Thanks, and me too.
    2) It's really getting annoying. They did the same shit with Desperate Housewives. It's ridiculous.
    3) I'll come look in a few. Thanks. :)

    Angel, don't be jealous. We all need to get away sometime. So visit Glugster while he's on vacation. I would if I was closer.

  45. Now Mr. Velvet my erudite friend. Apparently I'm an amateur (or in your words; amature....does that mean my mental development is finished?) Well now tell me if I'm not supposed to drink beer from a frosty mug then from what? A shot glass? A cup? SCG's bodacious bra cup? lol. (The lol is just because I see you appreciate that.)
    Life lesson for this cold Saturday here in the northeast, try to be a better, less condescending and judgemental person. Word on the street says your a very nice guy. Let's be civil, nice to meet you.

  46. help me jeebus.Sorry Curious for doing this on your blog.

    You're right, Dave Z., I can't spell amateur. Sorry I singled you out. No harm intended I was feelin' a bit jerky. But I'm a beer snob. I'll give you this bit of knowledge and I'll try not to come off like a condescending asshole. guinness= pint glass.
    frosty mugs are for beers with no real flavor to begin with, bud lite, coors lite, Bud, that kind of thing. Frosty mugs actually ruin the taste and scent of your guinness or any other good beer because they're too cold. Beer should be cold 40-50 degrees but not freezing. Too much cold takes away from the taste.

    Don't tell me to be a better person, that's fucking presumptious and condescending on your part.

  47. Sweeet!! Oh, you meant the scoop. Yeah, I knew you meant that... hee hee.

  48. Ted I don't think Curious minds a little controversy here, and you're right, "better" was a poor choice of word for me there. And I agree I hate all those beers you mentioned there......I perfer a little more flavor myself. As a matter of fact I got a nice Octoberfest chillin on my deck. Apology accepted; no let's crack open a couple

  49. Ted and Dave, if you two are quite finished, you can both kiss me and make up? k?

    Random, were you hoping for more? I think I could oblige. :P

  50. Aww, how cute. Ted and Dave made up and made nice. Lemme leave a load of puke right about here. Geez, all this feminizing is starting to really get thick. Are you starting to point with your pinky finger Teddy?

    Ok, that's done. . . you guys "hate" Bud, Coors, etc? So you're boh beer snobs huh? All you drink are "fine imported" brews? Talk about condescending bullshit!
    If you can't appreciate a nice clear American beer for what it is, I feel sorry for your arrogant, pompous, elitist, stuck up, phoney, poser asses.

    American beers are made the way they are made because they taste better than that bitter nasty sludge the brits call beer.

    Who's gonna post homosexual comments in my name next?

    SCG, you don't want those two kissin on you. Find a real and an honest man.

  51. I can't tell which hillbilly is which anymore. this one for sure is a stupid asshole. Must be the real one.

  52. You're going to NYC to meet someone from here?? Oh how frucking exciting is that?? I hope you have an absolutely exhausting (in the best way imaginable) time!!!

  53. S Hillbilly, you're the real one. Of course you weren't talking about having a cock up your ass, or shamelessly promoting a bullshit blog, so it's a pretty easy call.

    Gerald, he's the real one. See above.

    Sara, you bet! I imagine I'll have to come home and rest for at least a week. Nothing better than that achy body feeling after a week of thrashing around in bed.

  54. Gargy, she said like 10 things. What did you agree with?

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