Friday, November 23, 2007


I know I said that I wouldn't be posting until next week, but I was browsing a few of my favorite blogs and I came across something on my Canadian friend's blog, Winnipeg Princess, and it inspired me to do something absolutely silly and fun.

I introduce to you all, the Llamalicious blogger award, created by yours truly. This award is being given to any and all who are deserving. All I ask is that as I'm giving the award to you, please be kind and give it to at least one person that matters to you, but up to as many as you feel deserve it.

The first award I'm presenting to,

Preposterous Ponderings
Big Daddy
Winnipeg Princess
Sara Sue

These are only a few of the blogs I manage to check daily, and I'm not trying to offend anyone by not giving them mention. I'll be making a new award in the near future and more of you will be mentioned.

Mommies, I didn't forget you guys. Of course not!

This one is for:


Modified Mummy

Enjoy! Blog awards are fun and make your side bar look pretty. :P


  1. You sweetheart! Thank you so much ... I shall fly the llama with pride!

  2. Haha, you're welcome. I'm glad you like it!

  3. Eeeee! Thanks so much! This is the best week ever!!

  4. first of all, I'd like to thank God
    for making all this possible and my agent and most of all...wait lower that music! I'm not done...turn off he mus...

    Thanks. hope your doing well.

  5. Princess, you inspired me to start it. Enjoy.

    Ted, I always get a kick out of it when the music goes on during a speech. It's like, enough already...

    You're very welcome, and I'm trying to keep my chin up before the rosary on Monday.

  6. Wow! This is my first award ever. I feel honoured.

    *walks around with big smile on face*

  7. Gluster, good. Now go vote for me in the bloggers choice thingies that someone nominated me for lol. I'm honored to be the first to give you something!

  8. oh you're an absolute peach scg!!! i love blog bling- this is awesome!!!

  9. *waving to the cheering crowd*...thank you...thank you....!!

    oh my sweet girl my ego needed that!

  10. Psst ... I voted for you in the Blogger's Choice.

  11. Iffin ya wants sumpin llama licious go here
    and get a real llama experience.


  12. Scary Monster - you funny leetol monster! I'm not going to ask how you even found that music video.

    Anyway, Simply Curious, awwwwwww. . .! You totally rock! I lurves the llama award! One llama, 1/2 a llama, all llama and it's not made of lemon juice! Thank you!

    I'll pass the love on. Definitely.

  13. Thank you so much, S! I've never won an award before!

    Hope you're well.

  14. Angel and sweet ass, we all need a pick me up from time to time, right?

    Sara Sue, you're awesome. Thanks!

    Scary monster, that was fucking awesome! I'm almost tempted to post it, but I think I'll resist.

    Jen, enjoy it. It's a fun feeling!

    Ann, there's a first time for everything. I do really plan to get over you daddy's blog later and comment on one of his stories. I'm so bad when it comes to commenting on blogs.

  15. Cool beans! Thank you!

    I will get this up and plug your site either Sunday or Monday.

    You rock girlfriend!

    *Doing the happy dance*

  16. What a neat idea. Loved the blog, too. I found yours through another I check almost daily. Very cool.

  17. Pre P, I'm glad you like it! Dance, dance, dance!
    *doing a little jig with you*

    Rita, I love new readers! Welcome and feel free to comment. I've begun to really love getting comments instead of being creeped out by them. :P

    Scott, oh no! Would you like one? I feel little bad since you always comment and make me smile..Consider yourself llamalicious as well! I want to see it on your sidebar, a.s.a.p!

  18. I voted for you re: Best Blog About Stuff. You're not far behind the first place dude! C'mon people, go vote for phooking sake. . .

  19. WOW..I never expected this. Since my blog has serious emotional stories mixed in with just plain silly shit. I always figured it was confusing to the casual blogger. Thank you. You like really like me. {since this is a awards post you knew someone was gonna use that line sooner or later} LOL

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  21. Oops it posted my same comment Now I gotta go see if I CAN VOTE FOR YOU TWICE !!!

  22. Jen, thanks! :)

    Big Daddy, you and Ann are like two of my favorite people in the blogosphere. I'm glad I happened upon you two.

  23. This award totally made my day...

    Llots of llove,